Anyone know the difference between normal keys and guild keys?


title basically says it all


Guild Keys are normal Dungeon Keys that are popped for your respective Guild. I think?

Did DECA add something new again?

Or is this a joke, I honestly can’t tell.


They spawn a chest that drops stuff but can only be opened on theguild hall


Like a Guild Present?


Not sure what the guild preaent does exactly, but he keys summon a chest that players can kill for loot


Clarification, it’s a test chest


aka 2 chest per dungeon if you do it with chest event on


One of the reasons I don’t like them, aside from being blatantly p2w and unoriginal is because you could potentially bring an army of alts and profit on them with 0 risk


good idea, let me bring my 70 mule over, that should be way faster.
I just imagined someone multy boxing to do this dungeon alone, was laffing at the potential loot
(this is a theorical tought)


I believe the IP restrictions Deca introduced to combat multiboxers stop it from being possible to bring more than 3? alts into a dungeon, including into the guild hall.


Oh, still I only have 2 mules lmao


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