Anyone realize how absurdly long it takes to make a PPE video?


Not going to lie, this is kind of me just being ignornant, but I just spent like 40 minutes editing a 2 hour PPE clip in Sony Vegas Pro. Never realized it took this long. Mad respect for people who can do this once a month/week xD.


Facts. I spent an hour trying to edit my ppe in vegas and I didn’t even get to level 20. You have to sort through your footage, trim the clips, THEN add transitions and try to match up the music. I’m considering abandoning the project because I’m lazy lmao.


What. I don’t think it’s that hard xD. I just use auto-sync (modded, google it), and just split the clips. I don’t try to use super special sound effects and stuff, just like to how funs and stuff.


You gotta compare what’s comparable.

Sure, it takes longer than simply playing the game or streaming it, but it’s still just a loot montage.


Well, I doubt loot montages are a piece of cake either. The transitions, and the effects along with editing what is probably tens of hours of footage…


Transitions and effects don’t have to be custom-made, pretty sure there’s a bunch of default ones that come with any editing software.

I don’t know if you can really call it “editing” when it’s just a compilation of every bag drop. It’s not like there needs to be some sort of coherence between clips, you can just put them one after the other in any order and it’d be the same in the end.

Generally when everyone is making the same type of video, that’s a good indicator of the type that takes the least amount of effort to put out.


I do get that you’re generally not a fan of loot / ppe montages, neither am I. But that’s for a different reason than what OP said about effort or time put into a video. These videos will for sure take a long time to make, especially if you’re counting the actual gameplay time as part of producing the video. I just don’t find it too interesting looking at shiny pixels when I could be looking at them on RealmEye with descriptions at my own pace however.

PPE vids probably take less time than some other types of rotmg videos like guides and whatever the heck you wanna call Pentaract’s 2015 motmg video but also more time than videos like speedruns / solos. But since the vast majority of realm content consists of PPE / loot montages, kinda hard to set a benchmark for “this is a high effort video” or “this isn’t” without taking them into account.

Generally the more worthwhile NPE/PPE videos won’t come out that frequently as these are characters that have lived for a longer period of time.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that NPE/PPE videos are almost exclusively montages nowadays, whereas you’d see more full-length “play thru” videos in the past (like Kalle’s archer NPE). I guess the audience for this type of content shifted to streams instead.

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I can safely assume that a 10 minute video takes at least 2-3 hours to make, which still makes it a hefty time investment. Not to mention, most of these clips have to be constantly recorded and sifted through. Try making a 3 hours segment of video, and having to go through them and cut out 120 5 second clips. Takes a LONG time.


I mean yeah. You wanna see 36 hours of uncut footage? No, I’m serious. I recorded almost 34 hours of footage, around 60 GBs worth. No one want’s to see that, even if I can slim it down. What would I include? What would I cut out? And would the return be worth it? It’d take weeks to edit all of this, and the 2-3k views for what is probably at least 30 hours of work is not worth it.


i had a 25 minute sorc ppe and it took a month to edit, it kinda sucked lol


If you wait until you have 30+ hours of raw footage to finally comb through it then yeah, of course it’s going to take a long-ass time. I would argue it’s less that the work is hard and more that you’re just inexperienced at planning ahead.

  1. Take a note of the time when you start recording

  2. Every time you do something that you feel is worth putting in a video, write down the time as well

  3. After every recording session, use your notes to know exactly where in the footage to go and take the clips

  4. Put the clips in a folder, renamed as 1,2,3,4, etc… so that they stay in chronological order (or do something fancier if you’re planning on making more diverse vids: Loot1-Loot2-Loot3-…, Rush1-Rush2-Rush3-…, Death1-Death2-Death3-…, etc)

  5. Whenever you feel like making a video, just go to the folder called “Recent stuff” and get all your clips

  6. Rename the folder to archive it (for example “Week 01/01/2020-07/01/2020”) or delete all the clips and start anew.

If you think that’s hard work, wait until you make a video that’s scripted and planned and has real editing instead of just putting clips one after the other.

Maybe then you’ll understand why I don’t think 3 hours of work per video is that big of a deal.

That’s not the work being hard, that’s just your subconscious trying to tell you that what you’re doing is pointless and boring.

I’m telling you this for your own good. If you’re not going to experiment with editing at all then you’re better off not doing videos, unless you really want to waste hours of your life pondering what would the perfect screen-shake and beat drop be to go with that one time you got a Bracer from camping in the USSouth nexus.


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