Anyway to check taken names?


Ive been wanting a realm rename for a while but it seems EVERY single COLOR name Weather name every single 4 letter word is taken up by some 0 star last seen 4 years ago on euwest account…

Is there someway or a list or SOMEWAY to check which realm names haven’t been taken?!?

I’m so frustrated searching for a GOOD CLEAN realm name, it’s been months at this point…All these good names taken on accounts that havent seen realm light in damn years.

Also cant be bothered asking deca support to check a single name at a time for a response 4 weeks later.

Edit: Honestly at this point I feel like I’ve gone through half the words in the english dictionary… And all these names belong to people under 10 stars last seen 4+ years ago who’ve never played the game.


Yes, sending the name a friend request in game


Will I get a error or something if the account dosen’t exist therefore meaning that the name is freed up?


also I got a error turned up on a good name that I liked…Said friend requests can only be sent to named players… So I went ahead and tried to redeem the name and it gave me that dumb name change glitch about offensive keywords… -.-


This would probably give some false negatives, as there are some players whose names are available even though they still have the name.


I don’t know what you’re talking about

If the player is still around, you can’t get the name


They freed up some inactive player’s names around sept 2017. Remember the name snipe threads people made?
I recently tried taking a name that had been in an old guild of mine way back when using a fresh mule. It worked.

For example, try MEGAkuraSK. Last seen 4 years ago.


Wasn’ that just the nonmigrated accounts?


I think non-migrated accounts were already available before that. Kalle was taken a long time ago.


But only through support


Deca doesn’t let you take names via support anymore. I completely regret deciding not to snipe more than a couple names during the freeup because sadly, most people didn’t do the same. There are still good names though, you just gotta think hard. For example, I got ZoneTan, TRLCKSTER (looks like TRICKSTER ingame), Subtitles, and a couple more, all somewhat recently as mules.

On the bright side, I have my real name and a couple of my favorite anime girls :>


You should see my search history for the past 3 months trying to find a name that hasnt been taken… I’ve prolly searched up and added 300 people to my friends list ALONE last night


You can get something good, but you gotta think outside the box a bit. What kind of name are you looking for out of curiosity, I’m pretty into finding good account names, maybe I could think of somethin :woman_shrugging:


I’ve tried ones like storm, rain, thunder,light, dark… I like really clean OG names. I searched through all the names of the colors I could find and those were all taken… All animals were taken… All adjectives were taken. 4 letter words are nice as well, if you can find one.


I’ll try and think of something decent but good OG names even with a game as niche as realm, are mostly all taken by holders or people who saw it was a f2p browser game, singed up, and forgot it existed 2 hours later.


Alrighty, if you’re good with anime names as well. I tried Yami already, but obviously that was taken.

My top 3 fav animes are Black Clover, Akame ga kill, and AOT.


Aite bet, I’ll see what I can find :pray:


Haha that was me! Compiled with my friends, we have tons of really nice names. Sorry hehe


See this is why I regret only taking a couple for myself :angry:


You can still do it if you buy the gold on both accounts. Spend 1k on the mule to change to something else, freeing up the name, then grab it on your main.