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@Awdreg this


mathematical ability doesn’t correspond entirely with the grade in which you took calc bc

i know very smart kids my age who all took calc bc as sophomores


Lol I took Calc BC in my junior year and that was the earliest anyone had ever taken it in my school.

Also I feel like this is getting super offtopic, as this thread is meant for realm/forum achievements.


I just took AP Stats this year, got a 5


if the mean of 4342 numbers is 4, find the median of the set if 69 and 49 are added to the number set.


Oh yeah, and I got this for the Dutch exam. On making a recap of a text.
I was super nervous about the grade bc after it I was with some friends discussing it and they were all like “my first version had like 210 words and I erased a lot and it was still 180” (limit was 175, anything past and you’d get less points); meanwhile my final version had 110 and then another short paragraph. Which, according to them, was too short - which in my head connected to a fail grade :’)
fyi my grading system is x out of 10, where a 5,5 is the lowest pass grade.


5 in AP CS as a freshman
i got calc next year xD


You can’t. Without knowing the exact numbers, you can’t find which number is in the middle of the set.

Example: the numbers could be a bunch of 3’s, 4’s and 5’s, which would make the median 4 with the new numbers. Or it could be a a bunch of 2’s, 3’s and 7’s, in which case the median would end up as 3.


that’s the point- it’s a joke


This is my point :point_right:



Calc AB: 5

Stats: 5
World: 5

CSA: 5
Bio: 5
Eng Lang: 5
Psych: 5

US Govt: 5
Chem: 5
Physics B: 5 (the “old” Physics 1/2)
Euro: 5
Eng Lit: 4 :c


Computer Science: 5
Chinese: 5
World History: 5

IB next year will kill me


so how does IP thing work? what was the highest score?

Is it like IB?


i didnt take any ap tests since i just finished freshman year


if you break down the phrase “internet protocol,” then focusing on the word “protocol” easily yields the definition. a protocol generally refers to a set of rules and/or regulations. in the context of the internet, an ip defines the structures of data packets, as well as addressing. ipv4 is the first and currently most widely accepted internet protocol, but ipv6 has been rising in usage ever since it became an internet standard last year.


It’s a test you take after taking an AP course. If you do well enough on one, you get college credit (how well you need to do varies by college, and some won’t accept it). It’s graded on a 1-5 scale. I think it’s pretty similar to IB, but Idk.


@Scorchmist IP or AP?

If IP, look at what @Epicnecros said.

AP scores, on the other hand, are arbitrary scores given out by collegeboard in order to let you and colleges know how well you know the subject material.

5-Extremely qualified
4-Very Qualified
2-Potentially qualified
1-not qualififed
(not 100% sure)

3 and up is a pass, whereas 1-2 is considered a fail. oof




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