Are the jade and garnet statues always in the the last ten heroes?


I need to get a mark of daichi to forge my wand of the fallen but I noticed that in the past three realms I’ve gone into (I haven’t been playing much so I’ve gone into three within like half a month) the statues are the 3rd and 2nd to last. Are they always 3rd and 2nd?


Nope. All about RNG.


I guess I just get really unlucky. Wow.


Statues are an event boss. These are tracked separately from the normal heroes of the realm. Wherever a hero of the realm is defeated (Red Demon, Cyclops, Phoenix, Ghost King, Ent, Lich) is killed, there is a ~10% chance an event will spawn (Pentaract, LotLL, Skull Shrine, Statues, Nest, Sentry, etc.).

Some events can happen multiple times in a single realm, like Pentaract or Cube God, some will appear a maximum of one time, like Sphinx or LotLL. None are guaranteed to appear. Statues can appear only once per realm, so there is a lot of chance involved in finding enough of them to do the quest in a single day.


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