Are we going to have another chance to get the construction hats?


I have been collecting Construction Gear, because I missed last year’s MOTMG. The only thing that’s missing from the list of tradeable UT’s to complete the set are the hats, so I was wondering if we’re going to be able to get these hats again.
Also, how do these three different hats work? How are they obtained? <- this is the one I’m going for for obvious reasons


I think they said mad god mayhem could drop them but maybe that was ornaments one of the two.


The current on-going abyss event drops 2 of the 3 construction hats.

The blue construction hat was only available through the MotMG construction campaign last year.

The hats have a base stat, and with each construction item equipped on a character with the ring it adds on stats, similar to the alien rings.


The blue hat should be available again this year as a drop from Mad God Mayhem later this motmg


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