Are you still allowed to play now with the new age restriction?


For Deca I’m 16 irl I may or may not be 15 though


I turned 16 over half a year ago, so I’m good to go



12 btw


Can Deca still ban people who are 16 but have the mental capabilities of a 3 year old? That would be nice


They should


Technically Deca can’t ban even 12 year olds who play as ToS says you have to be 16 or have a parent/guardian’s consent


no they can ban without any specific reason


Okay let me rephrase that

They can’t ban them and say it was against the ToS and be 100% sure as they may have gotten their parents’ consent


yes they can, as myname just said they can literally ban for any reason regardless of whether it’s true or not



people have been banned for botting when in reality they were banned for hacks or for no reason at all. deca can do whatever they want with your account, it’s literally written in the tos


Yes they can however


there’s no legal restriction that prevents them from banning them and saying it was against the tos. as i said, they can do whatever they want with your account, and

we’re not talking about whether it’s justified or not. we’re talking about whether they can.


Ok, well they’d be lying how about that.


Now that they have properly posted the update to the Deca site I saw this.



also this :slight_smile:


Even more un related to thread

Man someone’s gotta go over those typos


i don’t see the typos

some of the word choices might be questionable but for the most part the spelling and grammar are fine


“We brings our unique player focused approach…”
"…that we believe that can last another decade…"
“We believe in flat organizations, small trusted and empowered teams…”

Not a whole lot, and not huge mistakes besides maybe the first one, but they’re there


oh i see em now nvm thank


sorry mate, but 3 year olds don’t go around and spam the N word until someone finally notices them.


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