🐾 Arkie Memorial Thread


Don’t make me go full Pollen mode.






Furry hate…
Nobody here hate furry




I don’t know how we stand on the forums with memorial threads about other players.
There is the Farewell Thread but that’s more with the idea if you’re the one doing the leaving:

As you’ve mentioned the Mods in your OP @Theepicr I won’t second guess what they might want to do. Although if you want to call them into this thread you would be best to edit your OP and @ them (moderators).

There is this other ongoing topic about the quit:


Can I get a screenshot of their death on the leaderboards because well I stopped playing but not quit I just don’t wanna go on it.


Cant we keep this to only one thread plz?


I feel like a minority for not giving a single fuck about this Arkie guy, pls tell me I’m not the only one here :c


Artie is a highly valued member of this community as a rogue main with the top fame in the world.


Good to know, still doesn’t make me care about him.


2 things I gotta say.

#1 his rogue is #2 on legends because Razhiel is a big boi

#2 Why did ImTeBest post a picture of him hacking?


You are not the only one. Although he may have fans, he is only famous for having a tremendous amount of fame. I may be wrong but I really don’t care.


about time he stopped maining shaco. i wont miss him ez


I think you can make an exception for a realm legend like him. I mean he held the #1 spot for how long? I think close to two years. I mean that’s incredible in its own right.


You’re probably too new of a player to understand his significance in rotmg history, but this guy held the #1 all time legends spot for the longest time.

not giving a single fuck about this Arkie guy,

Not a bad thing, if I didn’t know who he was I wouldn’t care either.


his rogue is not #1 on the legends?


It’s not, Arkani didn’t have many bonuses on his rogue.


I was talking to the original author, he said that it was #1


You’re right, that should be edited. I thought for sure he would still take #1 if he were to die