ArkRumierA's FanArt Collection :D


Gonna take some while since of all these events, so I need to play 24/7!
I would work on it during Cem event tho…




not really feeling like drawing anymore
but ill try



bump so i can upload some shits soon


Bump needs more peepee hard


i am drawing something but it aint got shit to do with realm


OH @GGaodzilla ur pfp is a rune! The bad one! Triumph or whatever its called!


why bump
I don’t draw rotmg related stuff.

at least for now…

I mean, I can move this to off-topic and upload all drawings?



You do know ark is banned, right?


wait why?



What even is this thread XD

Good drawings though, I hope to see more. Maybe you can do some of the Lair of Draconis dragons? Would be cute to see all of them cuddled together or in a menacing way to defend their lair :stuck_out_tongue:


Can someone just close this thread lmao. Ark ain’t here anymore


Leave it as a memorial…

Never let it close


You should draw a void bow.


where are the lewds


He’s banned, so it probably won’t happen for a while.

In the void along with him.




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