Ask the 75 star who hasnt survived an MBC anything


Hello, and yes, the title didnt lie. sadly, ive never completed MBC (exept on testing when i soloed one [got really lucky]). Ask me Anything!


why did you make an ama thread




if it bothers you i can take it down


whats the furthest you’ve gotten on an MBC?


on prod i died in survival due to being on wizard. on testing, due to much less lag, i managed to solo it and got a blue ;(


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i dont think you have to define yourself by the completion of mbc!

whats ur personal greatest achievement in the game so far?


Now, i know, rushing a tomb isn’t anything great, but thats my greatest achievement so far. that or maybe getting my 8/8 UPE knight (sadly died to lag) which had full AoO set (tank ring), mercys, chipper, cutlass, csword, indompt, esben ring and ice citadel armor.


I have 76 stars and haven’t beaten a MBC, O3, and I still leach at Nest boss. I feel ya.


i usually leech nests, mostly cuz i dc if im boss room, but besides the point. i have a shitty pc so thats mainly why i cant complete mbc. testing is really not laggy for me, so ive done it, even soloed it there, but prod has extreme lag spikes for me. in thinking of getting a new pc.


do you wish to continue doing mbcs to perhaps experience voids or is this thread the end of your goal


Cant believe you did solo mbc without completing a single one before. I did my first solo when I had over 100 completes


i was stacked with consumables and carried by pet (this was pre-pet nerf) and i do wish to try and continue doing mbcs and voids


I wonder what consumables you used then. Even all those things wont help you without any experience.


I had some experience playing on private servers and i studied for about a month on the phases on realmeye. i had like 10 failed attempts before i actually managed to finish.


u dont have a divine pet?


on prod i have a maxed heal rare, and on testing, before i had to move accounts, i had divine.


as for the consumables i had a bunch of white drake eggs and hp pots


Have you ever completed a void?