Ask the 75 star who hasnt survived an MBC anything


Oh you know what I put the arrows the wrong way




Btw guys Dbiz isn’t gonna respond to you he quit forums


rip dibz


Just wanna say I feel your pain. I haven’t even gotten to MBC though because i haven’t really tried… I’ve run some O3s but I struggle quite a bit. i’m learning slowly, Steam doesn’t have the test server function.

I refuse to leave the guild my friends and I made together, its existed for 9 years and I simply can’t part with it despite how dead it is… if i left and joined another guild, i know i’d have no problem learning how to run O3, LH, and Shats with others.

Oh, and i’m a white star, so don’t feel bad. Good luck out there man!


uhm you know the testing server is completely seperate from your normal account right? you can just download off the website and make a testing account.


I intentionally went white star before attempting LH due to it’s fame gain. Sort of a self inhibit similar to avoiding fame train while grinding white. Mind you I hate myself for getting white mere weeks before the fame update. Now have void completes w/ one O3 completes.

How many O3 completes do you have?


Me: 3 tries but with 3 deaths.


sryy, this thread has to die since ive just completed an mbc. @moderators pls close

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