Ask the Person Below You a Question


probably cereal, tbh.

If you enjoy eating cereal, what is your favorite cereal.


Lucky Charms

Favorite thing to eat late at night?


Ramen noodles, or how people call, WEEABOO SPAGHETTI

Favorite white bag?


That I’ve gotten or that I want? That i’ve gotten is either bulwark EP or dbow. That i want is the staff or skull of the cultists set


After you answer make sure you ask a question!

What armor in game do you think looks the nicest? (Either heavy, leather, or robe).


Its a tie between image and image

What weapon in game do you think looks the best?


Tie between cultist staff and cdirk. Those are both sexy items that I will never have.

Favorite looking rings I guess?


bloodshed. I just love the cultist necro set.

Favorite Endgame dungeon (Halls, Nest, or Shatts)



83.33% is bad or no


Depends that is in but I’d say it’s average.

Do you speak any other languages?


Hey a question i finally want to answer

Yes I speak English Czech/Slovak fluently
Then Polish Russian and Spanish(in order of how well ik them) are secondary languages but i speak them quite well.

One law you would add or remove from your country?



(the law basically says pronouncing Arkansas is illegal)

What is your favorite workout?


Doing pullups, I can hit 20+ pretty easy. (I don’t do workouts that much, but this is exercise)

What is the name of your crush/bf/gf?



Favorite sports team?


FC Bayern Munchen (soccer and overall), Boston Celtics (NBA), Arsenal (Premier League), and I guess KIA Tigers (Korean Baseball League Thing)
Favorite sports player?


Luke Kuechly, linebacker for the Carolina Panthers

Favorite song?


Probably Windfall by TheFatRat

Favorite book?


Favorite video game series (if it consists of only one game it doesn’t count)



Favorite quote?


“I’m worth 2 men. You come too, if you want”-Amy Pond, from Doctor Who “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”

Shakespeare or Emerson