AsSaSsIn FaMe JoUnEy (totally not a copy of something else)


Where’s the assassin love???
With the cult/mbc event going on, I’m going to try and get top 50 or 100 by the end of the event ( I’m also gonna try exalting spd def and mana aswell)

Wish me luck!!!


First things first, my assassin is at 13k
In order to get to get top 100, I need 29k fame, and in order to get top 50, I need about 45k


Since you are going to farm fame on Assassin, are you going to highest xp bonus equips to boost your earning?


highest I have as of now basically, so 32% xp bonus


I genuinely hope this isn’t a shitpost with the weird name. Anyways, I guess you were inspired by this? Either way, good luck! I’ll be watching (somewhat). You should post screenshots of your position on the leaderboards for a visual of your progress. Also, fame farming without polarity poison is a crime, so you better get that.


if I start learning shatts then yea sure I’ll use polarity poison


first void white!
nice nice


I would rather stash up 22 HP pots on me for extra insurance.


I will start posting after I get 16k because 15k is where so many people’s assassin’s are at that I’m essentially moving 50 places by getting 200 fame from cults


Excuse me. That’s not skill issue. It’s called anything is possible.


it’s preparation man all the pros do it


eh I’m confident in my abilities, but I guess you right


you need to complain because someone uses more hp pots than you think someone should? That’s kinda a you problem ngl.


I mean. sometimes during the two key phase, you fall asleep while rotating and eat like 6 hp pots instantly. And sometimes during a four chain at 2 am, you fall asleep every 2 key rotation phase so 22 hp pots not bad. Though to be fair you do open up 6 slots every 2 key rotation phase so you still get to keep all your loot :smiley:

Straight out did that last night lol. Nearly died like four times in a single chain.


Sup. I’m the dude sitting at #50 right now but have ran out of exalts to grind on it lol. Hope you beat me soon!


here’s my first update

reached 16k finally


holy fuck last night was wild in terms of loot



and only that but. . .



I’m catching up :eyes:


don’t fall asleep? its a you problem.