Assassin Puppets


Why are assassin puppets able to kill you from undiscovered areas of the map???

Why are they able to throw bombs into spawn room of Pup-Theatre???

This is honestly a really big issue I see, and I really hope deca does something about it. Perhaps just by making them unable to be aggro’d through the walls.


Well why are actual assassins able to throw bombs at enemies over walls???
In all honesty (and so I don’t get flagged this time) It sounds like you’re mad because you afk’d near some assassin puppets and died to grenades. Just don’t afk, why are you doing that in the first place, especially in a dungeon.


I spawned in the dungeon, looked to my second monitor to type a message to somebody, and looked back and I was dead.

It’s unfair dude, I don’t understand why you are calling me out on this when it is very clearly unfair. The enemies were literally undiscovered, on black tiles. Assassins can’t throw their poison into rooms they haven’t discovered yet, this is a problem with the game ai.


why is this thread in ideas? it should be in bugs and known issues.

also, your complaint is… almost valid. and your excuses and the “iT’s ReALLy UnfAiR” are pathetic.


Why are you insulting me…


Losing an 8/8 character with an ST set to a mechanic that shouldn’t even be in the game is honestly enough to make me want to quit the game. I don’t really understand why you guys have to be mean to me… I’m really just trying to have a good time and this doesn’t help.


Well if you consider it unfair, then I have to agree with the other guy, you should probably head over to “bugs and known issues.”


yea this is dumb asf
was paying attention and didn’t have time to react



Life isn’t fair, and the game isn’t fair. This is not meant to be glib, just a fact of how the game is. I’ve died hundreds of times down the years in game, and many if not most were unfair: being caught out by things I did not see, or exceptional RNG, or unexpected game performance issues.

All you can do is learn from them. Look out for the shots you didn’t see last time. Learn how they’re telegraphed, as they all are: the designers are not so cruel as to deliberately add invisible shots (and when they do add e.g. stacked shots where shots hide under others they normally promptly fix them).

Anticipate how RNG can put 2x or 3x the ‘normal’ number of any enemy in a room, and be prepared to back out/away from it. Recognise when the game has performance problems, and whether you can safely wait them out or need to quit and come back later.

The game has been like this forever. Exalt fixed some performance problems but added others. The designers from time to time sand off the rough edges of some dungeons, then they add new more difficult ones. They give players more tools to stay safe, such as better gear, exaltations, then add more ways to challenge the same players.


A cope method I use is the mindset of: “there’s someone else that has it worse”


I find it funny that 3 out of the 6 users here would rather focus on the “unfair” aspect than the actual question that’s being asked. Idk if yall are as thick as bricks, but the OP was asking:

Even though these are valid questions than could hopefully lead into some pretty healthy quality of life changes, people would rather point out your weaknesses than band together for the greater good. Some community this is Lol.

Also, people could just sit in spawn and aggro assassin puppets to target them so that it’d hit incoming players that are entering the dungeon, which sucks because you aren’t given invulnerability when entering a dungeon.

Anyways, @Joshawsum @Mirchia thank you for pushing in the opposite and more moral direction; giving attention to something that may need to get looked at. And @ZenC, I’m sorry you gotta deal with trolls after an unfortunate event. Just hope your questions get more traction and attention in the future so that what happened to you and a few others doesn’t happen to those in the future.


banding together is cringe


Resident XML knowledge UGC gal here - there were a few ideas floating around regarding enemies being restricted not to aggro through walls during Shatters development (for a cool effect where you could actively see enemies in, say, the village patrolling w/o them noticing you), but it never ended up being developed further.

Aside from walls, “undiscovered” areas just means that you can’t see in them. In the case of Theatre, I’m not entirely sure what the exact term is, but it specifically uses a visibility setting where enemies are not “unloaded” if they’re in such an area.
Hence, Assassin puppets are able to throw bombs from other rooms, as can Sorcerer puppets summon those weird red balls o’ low-def-instakills.

The easiest “fix” would be something like changing the visibility to the more-cringe LineOfSight, which is what Manor (and Lost Halls?) used to use; if an enemy’s around a corner, then you literally can’t see them, nor can they be hit by projectiles. I don’t know if this also disables targeted Behaviors, though.

Best-case scenario is that we magically do get devwork for disabling aggro-through-walls. And then wait for an entire Theatre reconstruction to implement it, too, since it seriously use one. iirc all tiles, wall, and decor sprites, with the exception of the curtains, are just reused assets.


The easiest “fix” would be something like […]

if im not wrong then puppet spawns players in the bottom end of the spawn room, even a temporary fix could be to move that to the center, pretty sure that would keep anyone spawning in from being attacked by hidden enemies.

honestly i never liked puppet theatre’s design outside of the bare concept of fighting player class clones, its kind of obnoxious fighting enemies that can toss stuff through walls at you. Even in other aspects its just an outdated dungeon


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