Assassin Set Idea


post gone… i accidentally double post it… sorry guys…


I honestly dunno what I’m looking at


The black and red are too vibrant against each other. Maybe add a bit more shading? Honestly don’t know tho.


Dagger is nice pretty nice actually. Armor isn’t terrible, but the contrast of the red and blue is very stark, especially with the poison and ring, which are not great.

Also just an FYI these sprites look much darker on mobile than they do on a computer for some reason.


thanks for the advise :grinning:


me too bro… i have no idea what am i doin…


You posted this twice


I thought dajjal had purple eyes
the poison is like a tiered poison
the armor is a bit basic, instead of dex its atk
dagger is good though


One question, why would you repost it?


Seems like a very basic and rushed idea. Nothing really stands out for it to overtake the other assassin ST set.


@moderators close


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