Assassin ST Feedback Thread


Hi guys,

I’m opening this thread to collect your feedback regarding the Flesh Collector ST for the assassin currently available to test on the PTR.

Here are the stats of the ST:

Assassin ST Dagger - Symbiotic Ripper
RoF 1.20
1 proj
117-190 damages
projectiles speed: 75
Range 5.6
-2 Vit

Assassin ST Poison - Parasitic Concoction
120 mp
total damages: 495 over 3 sec
radius: 2.67
Curse 3 sec
+2 Att
-2 Vit

Assassin ST Armor - The Rags of the Host
+15 Def
+6 Att
-2 Vit

Assassin ST Ring - The Hivemind Circlet
+100 Max Mp
+5 Att
+5 Wis
-2 Vit

Assassin ST Bonus when complete:
+50 Max HP
+100 Max MP
+7 Att
+6 Vit
+7 Wis

New assassin st set?
Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed

So the set focuses on providing the assasin with atk while removing vit(regarded as one of the most useless stats in the view of pets)? Seems a bit odd. Gameplay wise I can’t say because well, ROTMG is blocked. ;-;


Using the dagger on assassin for once :thinking:


The Dagger is OP and the rest is weak. So it seems balanced… Im OK with it.


thats a straight upgrade from t13

Why is it called set tier if all the sets consist of one or two great items and 3 crappy ones that arent worth using together?

Edit: tried it on testing and the projectile speed doesnt make it as broken as it first looks


The dagger’s projectile Speed is very low, making it incredibly difficult to use.

That’s the whole theme of the set: rewarding high-skill players with incredibly high damage.

The dagger is difficult to hit, the poison has a small radius, and all of the items reduce Vit.


Leather is extremely similar and can be considered a direct downgrade to the golem garments which give: +14 DEF, +8 ATT, +7 VIT

Perhaps change the apron to: +130hp, +10 ATK, -2 VIT.
That way it’s a bit more unique and separates itself from the trickster ST set.


poison is extremely weak as curse is too short, much too tiny of a radius, too high of a cost, and too little damage


130 HP is a bit much, don’t you think? Especially when this set seems to focus on MP instead of HP. After all, it is a Parasite drop, and all the Parasite whites decrease health. +130 HP doesn’t stick with the theme.


Why would I use a foul over this dagger? Other that shot speed.


You just named the reason you’d want to use Foul over this dagger. It’s difficult to use as a result of the shot speed.


Played for a while as 0/8, starting at level 0, then had an apple to play mostly maxed. It’s an interesting set. I like Assassin and play it a lot, and can see the utility of the set. It focusses more on the damage done with the dagger than poison. The poison does less damage and costs a little more, but the Curse debuff, the Att boost and the weapon damage means things seem to die very quickly.

No speed buff but Assassin is fast enough already. Def is a bit disappointing – normally Assassin does not need much def but if the set is focussed on dagger damage then you need all the def you can get. There’s a HP buff but not that significant.

Think the shot speed will take some getting used to. It’s easy now to overtake your shots as you rush forward and shoot, which will make dodging in and out to do damage trickier. Again it seems counter to being more focussed on dagger damage.


The dagger is currently OP, with the reduced projectile speed doing little to combat that.

It does more damage than the etherite dagger, up until around 60+ defence, without the severe loss of range.

A loss of 2 vitality is irrelevant, as that stat was made pretty-well redundant with the advent of pets.

Most bosses in this game are relatively stationary, and don’t have to be “led” to land hits, and so the slowed projectile speed doesn’t need to be “compensated” with such extreme damage.

Further, as it’s a “beam” weapon, in that it has a fast rate of fire, you can almost immediately counter the slow projectile speed through correcting your aim, without losing much damage potential (unlike the case of the doom-bow or poisons).

Were it to have a much slower RoF (with damage brought up to maintain DPS), in tandem with the slower projectile speed, then it could be argued that it’d act as a more balanced swap-out weapon, as the shots would be harder to hit than they currently are (though most bosses in this game are still virtual pinatas).

Here’s a dps graph just to show where it currently lies compared to the other daggers (shown under the poison-fang line)


I presume the dagger is the magenta line, not the black line?


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