Austarlia Possible Ddos? [likely to be Golden Dagger bug in Library]


So I was playing in Aus , but then suddenly everyone dissapeared, and a guy in oryx earlier also said something about a server ddos, then, it happened multiple times, with more people saying thats a ddos

Is it actually a ddos?

Internet Error

Someone probably said golden dagger to the realm eye


I actually thought this was a joke and dismissed it, and so I went to try it out myself and…

I’m sorry USE2…

edit: Soz was in a semi-rush to post this first, but yea, this isn’t a joke, it is an actual glitch which really threw me off guard. Now it makes sense as to why people have been spamming other prompts when the Realm Eye is active: So that no one would prompt “Golden Dagger” which would crash the server.


It closes and crashes the realm you’re current in for everyone.


If it turns out @Toastrz accidentally implemented a new duping method, I’m going to laugh my ass off.


I posted an explanation for the glitch on the subreddit so I’ll put it here too.

Admittedly it was a stupid oversight on my part, though it’s not something I would expect to cause a server crash either.

When going through the (very tedious) process of copying every line of dialogue from the master document to the XML, I must have accidentally put the first line as the State ID rather than the Say behavior text. The state name actually works fine, the problem is the empty string left behind. Thankfully that was very easy to correct, so it will get hotfixed tomorrow.

As for the duping thing, this isn’t functionally different from any other type of server crash, so it shouldn’t really create any sort of new methods. Even if it does, I doubt it would have much of an impact compared to existing duping methods since this glitch won’t be around much longer.

The Golden Dagger bug

It would be a lot more impractical than most duping methods because you’d need to buy a ton of keys and have enough competent people to complete the dungeon as fast as possible.

Still, would have been funny if true.

Good to hear. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh no i started selling G-word passes and now i have to destroy everything !


The realm eye’s new dialogue should include:
“Some legends say it could even destroy the realm itself”


Well, you read it here first folks: Golden Dagger is the most broken item in the entire game.

Coincidentally: selling Golden Daggers for 1 Deca each. Best bargain you’ll ever get!


@Toastrz how soon can u get this fixed? Do we have to wait till monday or can you do a quick patch


Is Toastrz a Deca employee? (Rhetorical question btw)


I can’t push a hotfix to prod myself, but I have everything prepped and the plan is for tomorrow.


lmao i just experienced it myself- except it was before 2nd even started, i have no clue why


it must have been me i just killed a server


dude which one!?!


And this is proof why software developers shouldn’t even release on Thursday, let alone Friday @OtherBill


Why are you tagging Otherbill? He doesn’t work for Deca.


It was that one comment he made once on why software developers don’t release software on a Friday


Tuesday and Thursday are both pretty standard. A Thursday release like this is usually fine since it gives at least one full day in the public to catch things like this, but given how specific the trigger for this is, it managed to escape that buffer window entirely and get discovered on Saturday. Obviously releasing on Friday would be a bad idea, but saying one instance of a very unique one-off crash trigger is reason to never release on a Thursday either is a stretch.