Auto-aimer/AFKer ruined the Cland I opened (Refund?)


A guy by the name of Yniti has ruined the C-Land I opened for me and others so we decided to pull a few mobs, he shot at them when they were in range, and then we pulled more and he kept shooting, but he wouldn’t move for when no mobs were around, never chatted or accepted trade.

This is video footage:

Skip to 3:30 to see the cheating in action.

I do hope I can at least get a response from DECA seeing that I found a cheater.


Deca staff aren’t active on these forums, you’d need to use:

From reading other people’s replies, they do give out refund type items, I guess it depends on what mood they are in. GL


Thanks for telling me about this, I’ll get reporting now.


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