AwsmeRotmg's PPE attempt(s)


Nah ninja ppe


I’ll alternate between the two until one becomes good

No armor -> t12 armor

So ninja is doing ok


as expected
I even got an att from the colony



The t3 hp ring

Got a backpack and even completed a fungal cavern so far

I’m excited to die immediately tomorrow

Almost 1/8 now

Good start

Finally 1/8

Apparently maxed wis at one point


Some nice luck

From a goodie bag (Legendary key-> candy key)


Nice some pet food from a goodie bag

Lucking out on the robes




ez 800fp

Got the gsorc from 3rd but it didn’t want to upload
Maxed in a snake but can’t upload the image

(from an effigy quest)

Forgot boss shot when fighting minibosses


Assassin next


Sin gang


Already started this warr before you guys requested assassin, I’ll do him next


Very nice roll

Sad times

Bit disappointing

Wtf is this

White and 1/8 in one


I sense a jugg approaching…


That’s the dream


Didn’t have a lot of time today, but got to 3/8



The ice sphere ran through the pillar that I thought counted as a wall



wait wat how

cries in 250+ sewers and only one white


actually made it to o3 on my 1st ever sanctuary


Making it to o3 is half
a quarter
an eighth
a small fraction of the battle
Nice job though. What miniboss did you get?


It was gemsbok