B l o o d y W a r l o r d / UT Warrior Set


+25 to each dps stat is way too op. crown, one of the best rings in the game, only gives +6 of each

doesnt need 3 shots

vit is irrelevant with a good pet. the max possible vit is 75, which gives 10 hp/s. normally, with 40 vit, you have ~6 hp/s. a divine pet gives you 90 hp/s. hmmm


Well, that’s because crown is a ring.
A normal helm gives you berserk, which assuming you have maxed dex, gives you 25 dex. You’re trading off 6 seconds of speedy for 4.5 seconds of +25 atk, and losing a significant amount of def in the process (as much as a braver gives!!!1!)
So really, I wouldn’t use this helm over normal helms unless I’m running dungeons with large groups of people, where the +25 of dex and atk would be more noticeable.


That’s not how amplitude works. You’re thinking of arc gap.

Needs a longer cooldown


Are you kidding? This helmet is so rediculous. You already have the highest dps class in the game and now you want to give it a buff that can give 4 crowns worth? With the new hot key changes you can press space with ggen, switch to this and press space and have 4 seconds of 125 dex 100 atk shredding through literally anything.


i don’t now why you dislime my set so much ArexRew

i don’t care if it’s about that Marine one but it’s weird it’s not that op, it’s giving only to you, while berserk + damagins would benefecit the group much more dog


I’m pretty sure that cooldowns carry over to the next ability, but if not then don’t quote me on it :stuck_out_tongue:
Still though, upon looking at this once more, maybe the cool down should be increased by like .5 sec.
Compared to the bee helm, this costs 35 more mp per use and gives 10 extra atk (assuming 75 atk on warrior and the bees that curse). Plus, the bee helm lasts longer and the bees do contribute a bit of damage.


Overall, the set has a few issues but otherwise is ok.
I think the armor is a bit too similar to the new ST samurai armor about to come out (14def, 60hp, 4dex).
The ring should be nerfed to about 80 hp I think.
I really like the sprite for the ring though :slight_smile:


Arex not how it works. Otherwise, you could have a ggen and jugg working at the same time. An ability cooldown isn’t limited to a single item. It’s the cooldown between uses of any ability therefore if he were to ggen and then switch over, he would have to wait for the full cooldown of the ggen before he could use this helm.

@SVMXRVI I’m much too lazy to analyze weapons (because it takes too long and accomplishes nothing). Overalll, I don’t like the helm, because first, although it is not incredibly powerful on a lone warrior, it is increibly powerful in groups. Second, It seems like it is a sole helm meaning it only buffs iteself which decreases co-op. If it’s not, halls are going to be so much easier. As for the armor, look at kamishimo. Really close. For ring, too strong cause no one cares about vit due to pets.


The weapon might work like a katana play style based on warrior, it pierces, passes through obstacles and has 4,7 range. Therefore the arc gap should work like blooded shoots bc this 3 shoots (use imagination, image shoots that change patterns) xD


i dont dislike it its poorly balanced. it has some potential i guess


thats the problem, solo play goes against the whole point of rotmg

ah sorry but still not well designed set


cooldown changed.


Also changed ring stats, now it ain’t that OP

+50 HP +50 MP + ATT +5 DEX + 5 DEF +5 SPD -15 VIT -15 WIS


now its just a kinda bad ring :/


I think giving it every stat buff/debuff isn’t a very good idea, unless in certain circumstances. Maybe you should try removing a few of the stat buffs (like DEF for example And ATT), and try increasing a few of the remaining stats on the ring. This is just a suggestion though, as I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to balancing sets either.


guys, neither all parts of the set should be good, like “ST” themed sets there might has some OP items and some ones that does not shiny in some circunstances, try to think about it

i’m accepting suggestion on how to upgrade the ring, and if i should chance sword


No not that. I just don’t think about or analyze weapons anymore because they require too much thinking and pfiffel



all parts of the set should be good. look at the halls sets. colo is one of the best swords, mseal can be really good in places, new life is really good and potato is a really underrated dps ring. vbow is really high dps, shadow quiv is pure dps madness, nil is awesome, and sourcestone is a better gemstone. cult staff is really cool and strong, skull is arguable the best skull, robe is mad on a sorc, and blood ring is very top class.

what you have here is some mediocre items, mixed in with a stupidly op one and a shitty one. try to actually balance your items c:


kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk now it’s official, Arex hates my set


I mean I don’t hate it I just don’t think it’s very well made


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