Back of old tincurer [Returning old item quests]


I think deca should put in daily room in tincurer something like “Daily” Like it was about 2 years ago. I think its good idea bc you can daily get your loot pots which boosts your loot so thats useful in lhs. Say what you think in reply.


I miss the loot drop quest too ):


i miss it too, you could just take some boost pots and you could just bring them all for tomb event = ez manas


Tarots would be useful again…

Perhaps the should add a tab to the Tinkerer called “Item Quests” which would bring back the only quest system.


Someone needs a dictionary


yeah as i said in thread


Hi I sometimes see you in realm :wave: :smile:

I think the ‘old’ tinkerer, the exact same old tinkerer, would be kind of annoying. I hated having to collect useless weapons and armour, but the loot boosts were so OP you couldn’t really resist. Also, it tricks newer players into giving away what might be pretty good gear to them, for a loot boost they won’t survive long enough to get use out of.


fuck off from me sir im from poland ofc >:(


Maybe english ins’t his native language




Please change it to ‘tinkerer’ dad


Change what to tinkerer? :sweat_smile:


I suddenly feels my English confident increase.
but on the actual topic
i agree that DECA should bring back old tinkerer

also if i have my regular right now i would improve the title clarity…


There’s yer damned title clarity people :stuck_out_tongue: @Meticulouz






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