Bard is out NOW! [X.34.0.0]


They need to transition to unity before flash dies. Thus they are encouraging the usage of the unity client through the bard class.


I should have read this a couple days ago. I lost my ppe bard when I teleport to a gwall. I tried to nexus but the game didn’t register it, I was literally pressing r for 5 whole seconds as my HP was decreasing to 0 without any lag whatsoever. I couldn’t even exit the game out that easily because I was on full screen.

The worst part is that when I teleported, I didn’t even get a 1 second invulnerability.


just create the Bard on unity and play on flash :wink:




You serious?


Thats not how it works, if you try clicking on bard it won’t do anything


that’s the “(((joke)))” :flushed:


I thought the only joke here was me :flushed:


Haven’t seen this error text before:

Player failed to follow up with connection

Think I was trying to exit out of a dungeon after the realm closed.

Edit: also here’s a pic of the Bard Puppets in Puppet Master’s Theatre:

And RealmEye’s picked up the Slime Bard and Oryxmas Bard skins due to being added into the code as tradeable skins, though of course they’ve not been obtainable yet:



u can do that urself


What I meant is, control clicking names takes a while to get used to, and until you get used to it it also takes a little bit longer— just enough for the persons name to be swept away by the chat or for the person to enter the dungeon they called before you can to. Changing it back to the original default would make it just like in flashplayer.


For new update: Realm Exalt/Flash Patch Notes [X.34.1.0] & Prismimic Events [Jun 4th to 9th]