Bard - New Class Spotlight


Are you ready for the new BARD class?

7:36 haha @Mrunibro bad


Im willing to bet we have another full week of events. Tomb (chest), ddocks (chest), snake pit (1.5x)
to get all the UTs. Thats 8 days if it follows the same four-day with a two-day overlap trend.
Deca is gonna burn out all the players before motmg


I really wouldn’t mind a snake pit event if that means I can get my hands on some more bulwarks. The only lil thing that stings a bit, is that there will be more players doing snake pits during an event like this. I prefer to have less people in the snake pits I run, but hey if the droprates are increased I won’t complain.


Try running through midlands. Lizard gods and cyclops kings (not gods) can drop snake pits as well, and they spawn all over the place. People are less likely to stumble upon snake pits you find, so as long as you dont call, or you call and go in quickly, you should be fine


Yep, I think that it is what I’ll do, when I’ll be able to play again(missed the class’s release unfortunately). Though I would seriously be pissed to see something else than a bulwark in my snake pit white bag. Oh well, good thing its an ability that gives speedy, the status effect I love the most.


There was a news item graphic for this one:


Yeah as I said to a guildie, it’s ironic that bulwark has gone in a few months from being a hardly ever dropped item, to a quite common rate, to now for those only interested in the Pungi a “troll white”.


When you think about it, yeah its very funny. When you actually get “trolled” by the RNGmaster™, I’m sure its another story :wink:. Though there are a lot of places where you can get rare items other than what you want, so we should be used to it by now.


I died on my near 6/8 ppe bard that had the pungi due to a windows popup so I’m back to square 1 lmao. If I get a bulwark from any pits I encounter I’ll be pissed off cause I already have 2.


How many lutes will Kalitaio get :thinking:


Well, now snake pits is gonna be another dungeon where you can get a white you don’t want. At least abyss still has only one white. btw rip for the ppe


You say that, but this ut is actually pretty good, bard can rush faster than a warrior and have some decent hp+def stats to back it up. He can ever run faster than a ninja. It is a very good swap outto say the least,


Water was talking about the other snake pit UT, not the pungi.

Edit: Actually, looks like I may have misinterpreted that. :laughing: Carry on!


At least you didn’t use the mention feature.

Good choice.

@BetaRuler Oh sure, it looks fine by me. Think I’ll even main it if it’s the thing that drops in my snake pit whitebag. What I meant was that I prefer a bulwark over a pungi (and that other people might prefer it the other way around), not that it was bad or worse than bulwark. I just wish the other snakepit whitebag had been a snake crown instead though. Meh whatever.


Are there any requirements to unlock Bard? Or it’s available straightaway on using Exalt?

I’ve seen it on a Create New Character screen with Wiz & Priest (below), so guessing it’s straightaway available – any confirmation?


Yes, it is available straight away, and yes, that is intentional.


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