Bats Confuse While Cloaked in Sewers


So I recently made a rogue and started playing on it more…while trying to rush sewers I realized that the bats still confuse me while I’m cloaked. I know that the rogue can still be hit by shots while cloaked but it to me it looks like the bats still are able to attack me while I’m cloaked and I still get confused. This throws me off a lot and I’m not sure this is an intentional game mechanic or just an unintentional glitch in the code. If it’s an intentional game mechanic then I think it shouldn’t be one because it makes no sense to me how a bat can confuse me while I’m cloaked (it’s not like a LH bat where it leaves behind a trail of attacks like a void blade - it’s just a normal ass bat that has to sit on you to confuse you).


Just don’t run over the bats?

I’m not entirely sure how the bat applies confuse, but I’d assume it just drops an invisible shot that confuses. Perhaps a bit janky, but that’s how most of the on contact effects in game work. I don’t see how it doesn’t make sense.


pretty sure it’s contact damage


GBSlayer is correct.
The bats likely use a Shoot behavior with type="auto", meaning they’ll shoot even if no one is in range.
Your invisibility only makes enemies not do things related to targeted attacks - for instance, a Medusa’s shotgun and grenade are both type="targeted", meaning that being invisible near them will cause them not to shoot.

And bc I only recently learnt it: the reason Limon shoots her nova when no one’s nearby (or while you’re invisible), is because her behavior is heavily “bucketed”; if her targeted attack fails, or if her movement behaviors can’t execute (due to paralyze, for instance!), she’ll shoot that nova of shots.


Related to this is something amusing: the reason you get masses of leviathans in Highlands is because their triangle movement attack (where they shoot the gazillions of light blue shots) happens even when nobody is around, and it’s not perfectly triangular. As time goes on the leviathans all drift to the South-East and end up in the highlands.

Edit: Southwest -> Southeast as per Nevov’s post. That’s what I get for posting at 4 in the morning.


type of bat shoots is 0,5 range; applies confuse; invisible
I’m pretty sure there’s more mobs like this


Here’s the Bat page on the wiki, for reference:

Seems to match with what others are saying.

Southeast, my friend. :arrow_lower_right:

Am always careful rushing that bit of highlands… you never know what you might bump into!


Yeah, that’s what I figured. It’s easy enough to say don’t run over the bats and for the most part I’m good at avoiding them but when I do run over them idk how to confuse control so I usually end up nexusing.

It doesn’t make sense to me because they don’t drop a visual shot or trail that I have to dodge. All other gods shoot a visible shot - even the ones that shoot even when a rogue is cloaked - and so I can dodge them when cloaked (i.e. Limon, Leviathans, etc.). The thing is, I feel like they coded the bat to shoot an invisible shot automatically, but DECA failed to consider how this will affect rogues when rushing. If instead, they had coded the bats to attack when in range of a player (like 0.01 tiles - essentially when they sit on you) then a rogue’s cloak would prevent the bats from activating. This is essentially what I expected when I first rushed a sew on a rogue.

This is why I mentioned I wasn’t sure if it was an intentional game mechanic or just something DECA failed to consider when creating the bat enemy. Anyways, after playing on the rogue it definitely needs a buff and this can be 1 step towards that.


You can just hold left click to kill the bats before you run over them, shooting doesnt uncloak you


a tip that applies more generally with confuse is that if you hold down keys “W” + “D” (up-right movement), you will continue to move up-right even after you get confused (and of course continue to move up-right once confuse wears off). this is rather useful because if you see bats ahead of time and screen rotate so that you’re moving up-right into the next room, you won’t have to worry about getting confused.

otherwise yea, the only other option is to learn confuse controls.