Beach Fame


Hypothetically, If you left a character on the beach 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, from day 1 of ROTMG release: How much fame would it have at this point?


It depends how many monsters did you kill in the beach.


926,400 from active time alone, assuming a) you were botting to get the monster kills to count as an “active” player and enter new Realms when they close, and b) the fame bonus system for played time was added on Sept 23, 2010 along with the concept of fame itself, which I doubt.


W8 wot? That’s exactly 10 years ago from IC/OoC update!



There’s in total 10 enemies on the Shoreline
These enemies give an average exp of 86 / 10 = 8.6

Realm was released on June 20th 2011 according to Google.
Since then 5,169,663 minutes have passed. Let’s say you kill 30 enemies every minute on the beach.

Total minutes * Amount of enemies * Average exp per enemy
5,169,663 * 30 * 8.6 = 1,333,773,054 exp

Let’s say you get 1 fame for every 2000 exp.

1,333,773,054 / 2000 = 666,886 fame

Including the active time fame (30) and the fame you start off with for leveling up (around 20) =
666,936 fame i guess


Looks like I missed that. Thanks! :smile:


I was just looking at one of those bots that sit on the beach the other day and started wondering tbh. Glad to see it’s turned into an interesting discussion point though :slight_smile: