🏝 Beach Zone is Recruiting! [USSW]


It’s still astonishing to me how many years this guild has been around


2nd Birthday, incoming!

(Interestingly, exactly a year before the guild was founded I got my first white bag)


Grab a birthday cake!


I believe it was created on 12/18/16




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Can I join the guild ;-;


Sure, you’re still in the discord right? I’ll just put up an announcement to whoever’s online to let you in


wait theres a forumers guild?


No, it just has a bunch in it


Yo lemme get in what the req


Here is the recruitment page, we should have space


Rip my maxed characters just died so I cant get in


When posting pictures of forumers turns to guild recruitment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Beach Zone has a lot of active realmeyers, this should be easy


Don’t reveal our recruiting strat!


(psst I’m currently guildless)
(jk my character’s bad)


Maxed characters are not a requirement, just a chance increaser


Can I get in on some of this beach zone action, that’s all I want to know.


Probably… but submit a form first
Also join the discord