Beating the odds!


I just found the trap from ghost ship then about 5 minutes later, Ray katana from rock! Calculate the chance of that ever happening again!




in a million


And that’s being generous with the odds lol


The absolute worst odds I have heard of are 1/400 for bulwark, not confirmed of course. I’d say bulwark is about as rare as the event whites I get, so let’s be generous and say 1/500 for an event white/ 1/500*1/500=1/250,000. Sounds low, but let’s say you have 20 realm who hit both bosses in each realm, and then you have multiple realms on different servers that close at least once an hour with that many people. Could then easily be trying odds like these a few hundred or thousand times per day, so I’d expect this maybe once a year assuming they have a 1/500 drop rate. If it’s higher then this would be more common, possibly a lot more common.


This requires you to do a few hundred or thousand event bosses a day. Literally impossible.


As I understood the OP, I think he is talking about the chance of that happening to anyone.


Even the op was talking about himself there’s not really a time limit given, which means it will happen eventually.

Never thought about it that way before, thanks for enlightening me.


He is gonna die in max. 120 years. And rotmg certainly won’t last that long.


I found a bulwark about 40 minutes before that too lmao and a sullen blade all within about an hour and a half this morning xD luckiest day ever. After I got the ray katana I figured I better get off before my luck goes to hell haha


It’s a shame it cant rain wbags of stuff we really want :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m not complaining.


lets hope you didn’t use up you whole luck for the year and don’t get hit by a car (no ill will intended)


ROFL For real huh!


In the future, try keeping all the information in one post


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