Beautiful Risotto or Paella? [Pet FP]


A Beautiful Risotto or Paella


You know what the Crystal Entity loves just as much as killing your characters! A risotto… or paella its hard to tell at this rate but it smells delicious none the less!

Soulbound Soulbound
Used to feed your pet in the pet yard
Feed Power: 10000

Drops From:

  • Crystal Entity

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The whole inspiration came from @Orsome attempting to make paella but it ended up more like a risotto, @Wilhuff could agree.

The paella


why does the description reference the crystal entity if it drops from the void entity?


I didn’t think anyone would remember that of all things >.<


You’d be surprised what people remember then


Uh… I’m yellow star on forums but orange star ingame? :sunglasses:


Looking at this makes me want to commit :hatched_chick: :gun:


Ah yes, the infamous chicken gun. Scary.


I’m actually pulling a gun chicken combo, but sure


I could use some paella right now.


last minute changes lmao


those that remember remember.


@Orsome You call that a fucking paella? There’s more water in it than all of Venice!