Beginner's Package Rerelease


I saw the Beginner’s Package available in the shop for a brief period of time, but I got dc’ed and when I came back it was gone. Was it released by mistake?

Will the beginner’s package be available to everyone when it gets released again?


Maybe prior to you d/c-ing, your game client had glitched and the server thought you were a new account, so only displayed it to you temporarily for that reason.


But I created a new account, and the package does not show up for that account


The beginner package was changed and now allows for you to get it past the first 2 weeks, like it was originally restricted to.

If you’ve already gotten the beginner package you shouldn’t have been able to see it, if you haven’t gotten it yet you can get it by pressing the red-bag in the top left corner of the screen.


I think Deca has changed it again/removed it, with the promise of something similar in the future, but I can’t find the announcement, so maybe I’m wrong.


They disabled it here:

  • Disabled “Beginner’s Package offer” which will be replaced in the future


Ah, didn’t see that in their patch notes.


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