Being offered Beginner's Pack when switching account


Switching from newly made account to my account

Yeah I’m beginner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Trivial Issues Thread

Quick. Buy it.


Lol the image won’t load


Is this the new version of the beginners pack that everyone who hasn’t bought it is offered?
If yes, then I don’t see any issue besides from the misleading name.


Wait 499 gems… for a vault and char space…


Wait it’s offered to everyone? I haven’t gotten it and if it was offered I’d definitely buy it



I think the bug is that OP switched from playing on a new account (new enough to qualify for the Beginner Pack) to an older one, but the offer remained visible in the shop for the older account.


Yeah that’s what OP is implying although mynammer is saying everyone should have gotten it


Everyone got it (in case you haven’t checked yet) Or at least I got it


I didn’t get it, I got it for 30 minutes as a bug once though


yeah mine offer dissapeared too :frowning:


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