Being sent to the home screen when nexusing


Anyone else being sent to the character select screen when you try to Nexus now?

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Me, but not every time. Only every once in a while.


Same for me


Yes this happens to me every time. I tried restarting my flash player multiple times and it doesn’t work. It’s starting to get pretty annoying


yeah me too.


Yep, every time i try to Nexus using the keyboard key (so also while i am in my vault and use it) :frowning:

Edit, even when using the Nexus button!


So, the client is at fault here right? I actually thought that a guy in OT was joking when he said that he was sent to char select screen. I tried it and lost the bet.


Every now and then…I’m not complaining though. It’s saved me a good dozen times :sweat_smile:


I have been having this issue to. This also happens when I click on the calendar for daily quest while in the nexus.


This issue started with the small patch that was pushed this morning to add the Summer nexus. Deca has been made aware of the issue and is working towards a fix.


I appreciate what Deca are doing for the game in terms of new content and keeping it alive, but a lot of bugs keep rising to the surface and it’s kind of jarring now

I’d rather not be sent to the Menu every time I press the nexus key from my vault, makes everything inconvenient, let’s hope when they fix it there are no issues with anything else, eh?


Admittedly, this is a small issue.

Still, when it happens to me i wince!

I wanted Nexus, not home screen!


Yes every time I nexus


Its the one guy… [redacted]…


I’m going to home about half the time I’m nexusing. In some instances when I was playing last night, it was actually kinda helpful cause myself and some friends were pot and mark grinding


this happens to me when i nexus after hitting 0 hp and nexus, im either dead or lag saves me :slight_smile: and i go to home screen either way


Not when I nexus but when I leave my vault or try and when I tried to claim my daily reward


It doesnt actually matter being sent to the nexus or the char select screen. Also yep I got this glitch too


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