Below the Stairs - A Realm of the Mad God Fan Comic


18 mercenaries enter Oryx’s castle with a mission to kill Oryx the Mad God. The true motives of each mercenary and their backstories are revealed as the group dissolves under the pressure and drastic actions are taken in order to stay alive.

You can read the comic here

New releases and chapters will be posted as soon as I’m able to work on it, as of this moment there are two chapters to read.

Things in this comic include:
-Mature themes
-A dark interpretation of the Realm
-Allusions to unseen lore
-A back story for each character, represented through their actions and flash backs

Screen shots


@Craftable you got serious competition for the title of best rotmg fan comic now, you’re gonna need a comeback or you’ll lose to this guy’s amazing comic


the minimal art of just putting together a bunch of game sprites is really charming. i’ve gotten hooked on the small bit i’ve seen, hope to see more!


Lol, the rogue going for the chest at the archer competetion was funny xD


Chapter 3 is now up, thank you all so much for your patience in this project. I’ve been extremely busy which makes finding the time to continue difficult, but rest assured, I’ll die before I quit.

Below the Stairs - Chapter 3


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