Best Aesthetic AND Utility items in game?


Hey everyone, just wanted to hear some input on some of the best-looking items in the game that also have some Utility. For me:

Weapon: For Swords: Enchanted Ice Blade / Demon Blade: I think these two items have very sharp, very natural gradients, and they both have such good utility as swapouts for the Melee Classes! For Staves: Esben’s Staff, although it has less true usage and the Extreme Prejudice because POW POW POW. Katanas: the Doku No Ken, without a doubt, is the best looking and best utility item. The Ray Katana has less usage but looks supreme. For Wands: The Conducting Wand, ezpz, and the Wand of the Fallen. Actually similar wands because of their non-piercing and high DPS. And for Daggers, the Dirk of Cronus and Spirit Dagger. Because holy moly they are great items. For Bows, undoubtedly the Coral Bow’s winter reskin and the Leaf Bow for aesthetics and utility.

Ability: The Helm of the Juggernaut because owo and the Midnight Star because, well, it’s the fkin Midnight Star, aesthetic and paralysis. The Tome of Holy Protection and Tome of Frigid Protection follow closely behind, because they have such high utility as well.

Armour: For Melees, undoubtedly the Candy-Coated Armour, with the Resu and ZarHeart close behind. The Candy-Coated Armour has such a nice reddish-pink framed by the white and it looks like a peppermint candy. It’s so nice T^T. For Robes it’s the Water Dragon, because of its Tloatani aesthetic and crazy DPS advantages, and also the Shendyt Robe because of its beneift for Wis-mod and its Defence advantage, although that stray pixel has always eluded me. For light armoured classes, easily the Leaf hide Armour, the 50 HP makes a crazy difference and the stat bonuses are all much more worthwhile than 3 def and 4 dex.

For Rings, the Bracer of the Guardian and the Ring of the Northern Lights. These are basically self-explanatory, great all-around rings and amazing aesthetics.

Please let me know if you have any personal favourites. Thank you so much!

What is (in your opinion) the best item in RotMG

The Dirk of Cronus looks and is pretty good. My favorite dagger of all time.


@Campfires agreed. I argue that Spirit Dagger is on par or better than the Cronus in a few situations though.


Maybe better in situations where you need more range


@Campfire I’m thinking more for switches or Tomb bosses because of its potential to break defence.


Wand of the Fallen looks sexy as hell.


@Issk agreed, I touched upon it in the post.


I guess, but the stinger would be even better in those situations


@Campfires oh, that thing’s in the game now… I forgot…
Even so, Spirit dagger is still sexy af >:(


Sexiest item in game Dirk. Hands down.


Kageboshi is sexier.


Nah fam, kageboshi is a purple CD

I like void blade


Old school doom bow all the way man.


Something about that bow whispers power and the sprite seems to hint at the weight of the bow.


Wow I thought I was the only person that thought this. When I imagine a dbow shot I think of a heavy, slow, powerful shot. The small sprite and the way an archer/huntress fires the bow is appealing to see.


I love that bow, something about the audio file (i think it plays louder or something) but regardless, yeah the bow makes it sound like you’re firing off a heavy longbow with incredible force behind that arrow. Just the slight pause before each shot and the 800+ digit that pops up when that arrow collides with everything in its path.


Doku No Ken looks like shit. Ray and Sullen are x100 better.


Love how the Skull of Endless Torment looks. That lava theme, plus the fact that it drops from Shaitan, is just great.

Cronus would be my #1 pick though.


Water Robe absolute hands-down for me. The trim seems to glow, and since its buff it is great to use.

Maybe Pyra second choice, as it’s awesome-useful on pretty much every class, and a simple design starting with the classic exa ring shape but with spot-on colouring for a sandy/pyramid theme item.

3rd place: Puri, its plain/pure white complemented by that shining yellow/gold detail perfectly suits the name and its function, and is a powerful item.