Best pet ability combo that's not Heal/MHeal/Electric or MHeal/Heal/Electric?


So, I messed up a legendary fuse and I’m gonna go for a Divine pet. So I need to make one from scratch. However, I just can’t seem to get heal/mheal/electric or any combination of that. So I was wondering what the best 3rd pet ability would be that’s not electric.


decoy is second best ability after electric
for third ability after heal-mheal


I’ve always wondered how a Heal/Decoy/Savage pet would be. I feel like it would be a nice combo for certain applications.


no mheal tho


I guess I should’ve said certain classes as well, because in my opinion Mheal isn’t needed for some classes like sorcerer, wizard,samurai.


mheal isn’t needed for some classes like proceed to list classes that rely on mana the most


I mean, Realm is a lot more chilled out experience when you aren’t hammering the spacebar every second due to excessive MP, and none of those classes relies on their ability in the way say Ninja/Trickster rushing does.

If I wanted a mad aggro pet I’d definitely give up MPHeal, having seen how strong a Heal/Elec/Savage pet can be (can solo tomb bosses for example).

But to OP’s question…, well Savage as 3rd ability just does nothing, I’m happy with that because it means no pet interference (no flashing graphics, no activating bosses early). But really you probably shouldn’t settle for a backup choice, but keep buying eggs & hatching until you get your dream 3 abilities or you might always feel regretful, with electric being so powerful.


I have little experience with Pets, but I’m pretty sure Savage would be better off with Attack Close.

IMO, the two best abilities that do not fit in the Heal/MHeal/Electric category would be Decoy and Rising Fury.


As someone who has a maxed legendary mheal/heal/decoy pet, I can confirm that it is indeed quite useful. There are a lot of misconceptions around how decoy works (first and foremost being whether or not it will screw you up as a rogue-- spoiler, it won’t), but when you actually take the time to get used to it, it can be a very good addition to many classes.


Try to keep hatching eggs until you get electric. It’s a lot more useful than decoy IMO. It makes bosses faster, rushing easier, and paralyzes enemies when you don’ have a paralyzing class.


What I meant by what I said is, in my opinion, those three classes don’t really need their ability to have normal, enjoyable gameplay. Sure, they can help you deal a bit more damage, but the bulk is from their weapons. And lets be real, those three classes LITERALLY do not rely on mana the most, idk how you can even say that. I would say top 3 mana reliant classes are Paladin, Priest and Rogue, in no specific order. TBH I can’t tell if you’re trolling or just being mean.


pretty cool pet collection from one of top whale, but seems like he already quiting


guys warrior doesn’t need extra mp because of cooldown


Not sure what your criteria is for your statement it seems like a troll. It depends on your playing style for sure.

I like the robe classes (not the crappy priest) and I play very aggressive. I depend on the mana for all other robe classes for either damage or just to get me out of trouble.


Spent a ton of money on those pets… I am jelly though as I would love to have the ENT pet.


LMAO you call me a troll??? That’s wild. Paladin and Priest OBVIOUSLY rely heavily on mana because of what their abilities do. And so does Rogue because without invis, Rogue is just the weakest dagger class. And as for my reasoning behind this, I think that classes whose abilities are mostly damage (not counting sorc with fulmi and the lackluster exposed of samurai) don’t require mana because damage isn’t that big of a deal if you are getting hits in with your weapon. But like I said, that’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.


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