Best PPE character?


Alright, I’m incredibly bored, so I decided to start a ppe. Not really though.

This is a really dumb question, but what is the best class for a ppe? Now I’m probably gonna get some answer like “any class that you enjoy is the class you should play,” but I mean best as in, has the most whites in game currently, and the whites aren’t super hard like lh hard.

This is a dumb question, I’m bad at this game, and I’m bored. Thanks in advance though


probably sorc, trix or necro


I agree with all these three. They all have a vast amount of whites that are quite easy to obtain (save for the cultist necro set)


Knight so you can ppebtwlelxd.


Sorc or 'Sin for spamming your ability for pot farming and guaranteed SB. Only Sorc has a relatively easy to obtain white in the Fulmi, as well as Wands from the Crystal Prisoner, Lord Ruthven and Horrific Creature. Both though excel at getting drops from dirty Tombs, including the various rings, and tops from O2.


If you’re bad at the game (like me) it really depends on your pet. If you have a bad pet, you may want to do a healing class ppe, like necro or pally (but not priest, you’ll rarely get sb). If you have an ok pet, all the classes are opened to you except knight, wizzy, trix, rogue, and probably sorc. Those classes essentially depend on their mp, and for classes like knight and rogue, it helps to have a high mp heal pet so you can perma heal / stun. If you don’t want to perma stun, however, then knight is ok with a ok pet.


Thats actually not true. With HP scaling and Deca changing up SB thresholds even priests easily qualify for SB. Just because you didnt get loot doe not necessarily mean that you didnt hit the SB threshold. I would also suggest a class like assassin. While I dont think that the assassin is a very good class, he is very easy to get a ppe a rolling. I would also recommend to not narrow your horizon to “easy” content and avoiding things like lh. Halls arent really hard, once you understand what you are doing. Just because enemies deal a high amount of damage or are able to kill you, does not make the enemy deadly. Just remember you are doing a ppe, so no matter what you or even if you die, things cant end up being worse than before :slight_smile:


Mystic was my first 8/8 ppe I recommend it for sure since you can control a lot of potentially fatal situations and you have superior range to more than half the classes in the game (good damage too :slight_smile: )


How many people are going to read the title instead of the post I wonder. I’d also second arex’s post and add huntress since all the bows are easy to obtain and ctrap as well.


Similar but from the opposite side: don’t choose a class that will result in you farming a dungeon you intensely dislike.


my priest can get sb pretty much anywhere :/
soloing stuff can be a pain but thats not why you play priest anyway


Was going to comment this, you idea thief. >:P


Sin or Huntress because yes (My best ppe’s were on these classes)


Sorcerer was my best ever ppe even though I died on mine as a 3/8 so probably sorcerer or wizzy for me. Long range classes I feel are usually easier for me to do ppe’s


why trickster?


Huntress. I may be biased tho :man_shrugging:


It’s fun, and has a highly variable playstyle.

There are a few easy to obtain items that drastically change playstyle (Ghostly, Brain).

Real team player class, but rushing is just as rewarding.


My issue is that my favorite class is assassin or necro, and I see myself playing necro so much more because of the lower dex cap. I do like sprites, but farming for a 75 dex class is not what I see as fun. That’s also the same (pathetic) reason that I use necro over wizard, except the wizzy grind for dex isn’t as bad
because of the spell bomb

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