Best Robe for a Necromancer


What is the best robe for him. Currently, my choices are soulless, shendyt, togapicta, and the star mother robe.




First 3 are mostly situational, stick with the star mother if one of the other three aren’t suited.

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i would say toga or shendyt
shendyt is really good defensive robe, nice for everything a necro wants. toga for everything else


I would not pick shendyt over soulless, vit and mp are meaningless with a good pet and the +7 wis only adds 28 damage to a T6 skull. that’s not really a noticeable difference. it’s even more pointless if you have the ST skull, which has no wismod at all.

I would also not choose toga over gsorc on any class for any reason. the +8 atk looks impressive, but after taking the -3 dex into account it comes out to effectively ~4.5 atk. when you compare the stats to gsorc that way, you get -20 mp, -6 wis, +0.5 atk, and +4 vit. not quite as appealing now, is it? also the sprite is ugly imo and unworthy of use.

as for star mother vs soulless, pick whichever one fits your priorities more: soulless for survival or star mother for power.


starmother if youre cool gsorc if u lame


As a professional necromancer, here are my top picks:

  1. ymPfzOk for maximum heals damage or skull usage, use the ritual robe, incredible wisdom boost and some nice attack. Would recommend using this one with image for mind blowing heal capability and reasonably good damage. This set goes with any staff and pretty much any health or defense oriented ring. Or use wXEiGHE for reasonable damage and a longer curse duration to increase your destructive potential. Useful in group situations. Pair this with a tezcacoatl’s tail for massive damage per shot. This build goes extremely well with any wisdom or damage based ring. My two pics would be the forgotten crown or a bloodshed ring.. If you have a maxed necromancer, this set gives you a total of 95 wisdom if you use it with the skull of corrupted souls and the bloodshed ring. 97 wisdom if you use that build but with the t6 skull, and 86 attack if you use that build but with a crown.

TL;DR: This robe is very useful to increase damage with your skull through wisdom.

  1. TfNgqCU best tiered robe for a more universal playstyle, a rare drop for sure but totally worth it. I would use this robe with image , which gives a reasonable attack and hp boost for the cost of 3 speed. This allows you to slow enemies, making them easier targets for you and your team. The healing boost is reasonable and the MP cost is reasonable for a necromancer. Pair these two items with an edictum or a vital unity. The ring I would go for with this build would definitely be a crown. The ring grants you 110 health, which goes nicely with the skull’s bonus of 40, 6 attack which the esben skull gives you 4 of. If you have a maxed necromancer, this set gives you a total of 89 attack.

TL;DR: I would use this robe to increase some damage with your skull through wisdom, and to increase damage with your staff through attack.

  1. image this robe gives you a hefty 6 attack bonus as well as 6 speed an a reasonable defense boost of 12. I would pair this robe with a image or a image use the memento mori for maximum damage output with your staff. With the st update in play use this skull with an edictum for a boost of 30 MP and 6 vitality. Note that the st skull is not affected by wismod. I would pair both of these skulls with either a crown or a potato. The crown grants you some extra health, which I would use with the skull of endless torment to give room for extra heals, which the memento mori doesn’t give you at all. The potato compliments the robe’s 6 attack just like the crown, but also gives you 6 extra speed. This puts you at 62 speed and 87 attack if maxed. The memento mori gives you berserk when used to this attack is increased incredibly.

My build as of now is a bit of a mix between the first one and the last one. Just note that the sequence i placed these is is not from best to worse.
My current necro build:
image wXEiGHE image image I use it for good dps, especially with the curse boost and a nice health bonus to keep room for my heals.
I want my set to be:
image image or wXEiGHE image nRri93R


I personally use tiered Robes, so I voted Star Mother.
This might be because I usually stick to pure defense rings when playing Necro, as the Skull already grants me some decent health.
With a tiered robe, I get good defense, some extra MP (which can be useful if I want to Slow enemies for a longer time with an Esben Skull - darn you, 2.5 second duration!), a good increase in wisdom to slightly increase my Skull damage, and some attack to make my shots more powerful.

Theoretically, I might also suggest Water Silk, as the lowered defense is offset by my ring, and the bonus speed is quite nice to have, too. Unfortunately I am a coward and don’t have room to keep my Star Mother

Of course you could also go the Way of the Overrated and pick Soulless.


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