Best thing for a newbie to do?


Hi! Just started rotMG via recommendation of a friend… I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas of what to do first? (The friend brought me to a fame train, so I have a few stars for rouge, priest, knight, and warrior.) I think ill play as a paladin, but beyond that… I don’t know what I should do? Any help would be nice, thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: First, let me just say, You all have been INCREDIBLY helpful, and I didn’t expect responses so quickly! I can tell I will like it here, despite the fact some people ingame have been incredibly vulgar and rude to me for being a light blue star :slight_smile: You have given me many things to think about, and many links to look at. Thank you all! :smiley:


Log out of your account and never come back. This game will suck out your time like nothing else. Leave before its too late!

  • Don't spend gold on equips (or anything that you will lose when you die). Vault chests and charslots are the best use of gold, especially early.
  • On that note, if you can throw some $$$ Deca's way, get the starter pack while you can. It's a good deal.
  • But if you can throw extra $$$ Deca's way, buy charslots #2 and #3 before buying the starter pack, since you can get those at a discount.

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    Was considering dropping a few $. maybe 3-4 starter kits? EDIT: I have ALOT of spare time for gaming. The game seems like fun, so im not afraid to spend hours a day.


    If you really like the game, I’d recommend buying the beginner’s pack
    although I don’t know for sure if that’s a thing anymore.

    Besides that, you should just focus on doing the few dungeons that max your stats. Things like Snake Pits, Sprite Worlds, and Undead Lairs are very good for maxing (ie drinking potions to max out stats.) and general gear.


    They removed the starter pack in the monthly May update I believe.


    Wrong. I have 3 days left to buy it. Its still around.


    I’m sorry, they removed the old starter pack, which is the one that Otherbill is referring to.


    Ah. Well this new one is pretty good. A vault slot, a char slot, merlin skin, some clovers, and a few exp boosts


    The new starter pack is still pretty good for beginners, so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. With all the potential leftover gold you’ll have, I’d recommend either upgrading the pet yard, or buying some extra vaults.


    Also, I just died. Is paladin a good class to start with? I did some priest playthroughs, but I want to try assassin or archer. Are they hard classes to learn?


    All classes are relatively simple to play, but playing something like Paladin, Priest, or Archer would probably be good, as those classes don’t need special UT (Untiered) itens to shine.

    If you’d like, I can get on in a few hours and give some items. I’m sure some others on the forums would be willing to help too.


    Got it. And apparently UT means untiered. That’s cool. Thanks for the help, might need more later.

    Edit: Thanks for offering, that would be nice, if you have spare items. I just made an archer char, so im gonna try that out.


    Melee classes in general don’t get “good” until you’re at least 4/8.

    You’d probably be better off sticking with the ranged classes until you’re familiar with maxing character stats.


    So, I’ve seen this in chat and other posts… What does x/8 mean? Stats? Stars? Gear? Could you please explain? Thanks :slight_smile:


    x/8 means that you’ve maxed x of the 8 stats that the character has. Y’know, def, dex, spd, life, and all that.

    As you level up, you gain stats randomly. If you drink enough of each type of stat pot, you will further improve each stat until it cannot be improved any more (at which point that particular stat is “maxed”).

    Gods will infrequently drop att, def, and spd pots. Get comfortable entering Sprite Worlds and killing Limon, and you’ll get dex pots as well. You will find that maxing those four stats alone will greatly improve your gameplay experience.


    If you think you’ll stick to the game, I suggest you try to get a pet with heal as first ability. Pet eggs drop in realm, or you can trade for them. Don’t buy pet eggs or equipment in nexus.


    Interesting. How do you know when they’re maxed? ;p


    I have a bat with Close Attack, Heal, and Mheal, in that order. Its uncommon, and my other pets are garbage. Only one has heal as first ability, but its only level 1.


    Well if you feed it it won’t stay at lvl 1 for long :grinning:
    This site has a wiki and you can find a lot of info there. When I was starting out I found Bluenoser’s guide very useful.
    This is the link

    Basics of the game are still the same.