Best thing for a newbie to do?


Sure! That would be wonderful. Im currently a ninja, but I can vault some of the items. Please bring pet eggs and pots if you can, maybe a t3-4 ninja star. Thanks! Im on USMidWest2, in the Cyclops portal.


Now that’s just tragic.
I’d recommend some ranged class as your next character.


Is this something old? Pet Yard is where this was.


thye haven’t updated the nexus part of the tutorial in forever so im guessing its an older version, hense why the vault only has the original chests an like 6 gift chests.


Ah, cool. I wish this was still around though.


it is, pretty sure they just moved the statue a bit further up but don’t quote me on that. I don’t really remember, never payed that much attention


Everyone says you can only buy the starter kit once, please explain this tho


We are talking about the version of the beginner pack that was removed by Deca some weeks ago. I guess most people haven’t seen this offer because their accounts are too old to qualify anymore/ they have bought the other one.
What Barnette says c:


It will not let you buy more than one, you can try to, but it will just produce an error. Hence, the purple banner in upper left hand corner that states there is one left.


Huh, good to know. Yall have been super helpful.


You may also want to get familiar with discord for when you have mastered the basics and reached mid-endgame. It is almost a necessary for endgame and really helpful for grinding event dungeons. is the discord list (I would stay away from lost halls as most halls discords have high reqs and the dungeon is extremely difficult if you dont know what your doing)


Surf the wikis and forums a lot, you’ll learn a lot more than just from playing, watch bickuriboxes guides, and remember, preperation is key in rotmg


I don’t use discord. I don’t like it, personally.




I just don’t, I never really thought about it. I don’t want to use it though.


So, should I be in the glands now?


You can probably enter glands once you hit level 10, granted you do need some skill in dodging.


I can dodge pretty good. All those hours playing “Enter the Gungeon” probably helped :wink:


my best advice: just play around and get familiar with the game, and u can watch some YT guide vids if you like. IMO best youtuber for newbies would be Bickuribox12.


hey, i’d suggest getting a better bow, since t7 isn’t very good.