Best thing for a newbie to do?


Ok. I need some more help. I know theres a lot of opinions out there, so can someone reply and make a list of the Pros and Cons of each class? Im trying to pick a new one. Basically, I would REALLY appreciate it if you could just list the Good things, The Bad things, A̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶u̶g̶l̶y̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶s̶ and what kind of gameplay they are? Cheers!


It really depends on what you like doing most - risky or safe, as they’re each good in their own ways.


Honestly, I could go either way. Ive been asking and people have either ignored me or been incredibly, well… Lets just say “Rude” is an understatement.


There are a few discussions about favourite classes and why. You could start there to see what people think.


Looked at about 5. Not a lot of help from them, but thanks for offering. :slight_smile:


I’ll quickly go over each class. With quickly, I mean really quickly, as compact as possible!
Listed by range, then by DPS. More or less.

Priest: Amazing heals, underwhelming DPS, good for beginners, gets more mediocre without UTs as you progress.
Sorcerer: Underrated clearing potential, solid all-around and has good regen stats, so also good for low-lvl-pet users.
Mystic: Underrated DPS, but limited by wisdom. Gets better once your pet gets stronger, otherwise alright. (also Stasis can be decent for rushing or having some breathing room)
Necromancer: Good heals, good DPS, but becomes underwhelming without UTs once your pet can sustain you. Surprisingly bulky thanks to Skull HP boost.
Wizard: Just DPS. It’s the Wizard, you needn’t have an explanation.
Archer: Overrated and underwhelming without UTs notably quickly, but fun to play for some. Paralyze is neat.
Huntress: Underrated even though she’s identical to Archer, except her AoE Slow is more of a continuous match rather than a flare (consistent Slow vs occassionally super useful Paralyze). Also underwhelming without UTs.
Rogue: Really good for rushing, much less good for group play, and tricky to learn. DPS is decent at best.
Assassin: Better DPS than Rogue (though still decent), alright at crowd controlling enemies, and a good class to learn Daggers with in general.
Trickster Tricky to make full use of due to niche ability, but extremely powerful when well-executed. Slightly better DPS than Assassin, decent rushing capabilities.
Samurai: Underrated all-rounder. Tougher than Ninja, so good for practicing with Katanas, plus cheap cost on ability.
Ninja: Also tricky to learn, but a great offensive all-rounder (yeah, it’s put weird). Best potential DPS due to piercing and 2nd-highest dex+att (tied with Trix, but Katanas are stronger)
Knight: Supremely tanky, but only when maxed. Nothing too special except that Stun is costly, but powerful (though risky at times).
Paladin: Surprisingly tanky and good for beginners due to relatively cheap ability + amazing regenerative capabilities (for now).
Warrior: Not quite as tanky, quite risky, but has DPS that is dumb of ass. Like, seriously.

(See also: a graph of the classes by level of team play vs DPS with tops and no ring)


I will try my hand at answering your request, but keep in mind, everyone plays differently so one opinion is pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

This list is broken down into three parts, classes I feel are really easy to learn (Easy: pick up and start playing with ease, Medium: takes some time to get accustom to the ability and workings of the class, and Difficult: requires quite a bit of practice to learn and master the class).

Priest - Pros: heals, long range | Cons: super squishy, little dps
Wizard - Pros: high dps, decent range, easy ability for damage | Cons: squishy, very slow
Huntress* - Pros: good range, crowd control ability | Cons: very slow, very slow shots, semi-squishy
Assassin* - Pros: OK range, great crowd control ability | Cons: ability can feel slow, need to start going deeper to get in your damage
Paladin - Pros: has range, self heal & buff | Cons: can feel pretty squishy until def is maxed, have to really go deep to get in your damage, slow
*there is a small learning curve to dealing with the timing of the ability but is easy to grasp

Necromancer - Pros: heal and/or damage ability, decent range | Cons: squishy, slow, lowest vit cap so very slow to heal up (One needs to learn the rate of heal or damage the skull can do, along with its range, this is pretty easy to learn but can take a few tries)
Sorcerer - Pros: long range, great crowd control | Cons: crowd control is so good you can miss drops in godlands if you do not fully explore, very squishy (One needs to learn the arc of the ability, and the distance you can be away from enemies)
Archer - Pros: | Cons: slow, need to be very precise with ability (it just takes some to get the feel for he quiver)
Samurai - Pros: can be a tank, offers expose which helps in group fights | Cons: pretty slow, and not a great rate of fire but it does pierce (learning the waki is pretty easy but it takes time to get to really know when you can and should use the ability)
Ninja - Pros: Quick, piercing shots, OK range with ability taken into account | Cons: can fee squishy not great range with katana alone (takes some practice to get use to speedy ability and to feel safe using it)
Knight - Pros: pretty easy to pick up and play, very tanky, good dps | Cons: slow, new players to this class can easily get over confident and get insta=popped (getting stun timing down properly can take some time)

Mystic - Pros: Good crowd control, good MP regeneration | Cons: squishy (takes a while to really get good at using an orb)
Rogue - Pros: Cloaking is fun and helpful, very quick | Cons: not great dps but OK, learning when you will uncloak takes a number of tries and will likely get you insta-popped a few times before you are good)
Trickster - Pros: Very fast, great shot speed, some fun choices in abilities | Cons: can be squishy, (takes a while to get use to and fully learn the potential of this ability).
Warrior - Pros: best dps, can be a super tank, very good HP regeneration (like a knight) | Cons: can lead one to get too cocky and get insta-popped (learning the timing of the ability and when you can and should not go in deep takes a bit of time) [I am sure many will disagree with me here but it is just my opinion]

I hope this is somewhat helpful or insightful. Best of luck!


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