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Doom Bow currently:

New Doom Bow:

The Doom Bow looks so cool that there is no way it should not be 1/4 DPS requirements. Ever since I was a little kid, all I wanted was the Doom Bow. It sounded so cool and menacing. It did so much damage! It was the only thing I ever wanted from a white bag. Now that I am all grown up, the Doom Bow doesn’t seem as cool anymore, even if it feels like it should.

Any of the changes I made to the old Doom Bow could be independent. Such as buffing the super slow rate of fire. If not, make it more damaging. If not, make it faster or have more range.

And if that doesn’t convince any of you guys, then watch this video and I dare you to tell me that you’re richer than this guy.

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Have you considered the fact that the Doom Bow is a godlands white, and probably should not be compared to items that are meant to be above its “power level”?


agreed, perhaps it should drop from an epic udl?


at this point doom bow would lose all its value, if there was a better one -_-


Seems kinda stinky to make it shoot faster, kinda ruins the chonk.


Am I being stupid or does this bow do almost the same damage as a pred bow at 9 range


I don’t think I need to run the numbers, increasing the fire rate by 100% (33 -> 66) and increasing the damage range by about 25%, to say that this would be the best in slot bow, in every situation, always… from a UDL.

The reworked dbow vs Void Bow and Warmonger and max dps warrior or so (without berserk).
Equipment is listed on the right, the dps on defense is bugged, showing inaccurate equipment).

Okay so I ran the numbers:
unknown.png (1920×1040) - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge (

Best in slot bow with no downsides from a UDL xd

Make it drop from The Forgotten King, but Void is also there xddddddddddddddd
I think it’s still better than void and warmonger if it’s just the fire rate increase


I agree with this. Numbers might be a little over the top but I do think the bow could use an upgrade.
I might also be biased since it is my favourite item in the game, thematically and feel-wise.


A bit too much as its DPS beats even Warmonger.

My idea of buffing DBow would be give it a charging shot ability (this can get toggled by 2x clicking the firing button). The longer you charge the bow by seconds, the higher final damage it will inflict (exponentially).


If you really wanted to you could give doom bow an ultra rare upgrade and just change the shot speed to 40%~ but the problem with this is that it would most likely (knowing deca) only be available during udl chest events as a 1/100 drop. I don’t think the item as it is needs to be buffed/changed as it’s literally a godlands white and its also one of the most iconic weapons in rotmg history.


why would the doom bow drop from lost halls? lol


I mean some dudes want it hard-buffed. Also, long time no see.


Legit the only time I’d agree to this is if it was an ancient doom bow that dropped from a harder heroic udl in the elder realms. Doom bow is still one of the best bows in midgame. No need for a change.


Landing a shot that deals few hundred damage feels REALLY satisfying.

On a Huntress with T7 trap, I can get above 1k damage (if against low defence/AB’ed target).


Wonder’s if this guy has ever ran o3 or even void lol


Suggesting the doom bow should be the best bow in the game does not imply that I have not experienced the end of the game. :roll_eyes:


when the doku is 1/4 and it drops from glands dungeons.


Judge all gameplay from an endgame perspective, and you end up losing various other fun options that won’t end in getting one-shot by Lil’ Feratus.


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