Big dye shop at bazaar


I would like to suggest an upgrade for the dye/cloths shop at the bazaars, turning it into a full shop, so that you can browse all the colors that can be purchased at once, instead of hanging around for 30 minutes while you wait for Midnight Blue in accessory size to show up as a fame purchase for your perfect costume.

The UI that envision is similar to the amazing one at (or, as I call it, the dye calculator).

The differences I imagine:

  • You would only be able to check out the dyes/cloths for the current character/skin you’re playing, instead of the drop down menu at the calculator, but you would be able to try all the dyes and purchasable cloths to see what fits best for your tastes.
  • There would be more space between the dyes/cloths so that a selector can show you visually what you have currently selected, instead of only the text on the left.
  • No background color selector, the bazaar floor is good enough of a background.
  • No upload custom skin button.

To add so you can complete your purchase:

  • Two small windows at the bottom, one for the Clothing/Large size and the other for the Accessory/Small size, each with two buttons for the fame and gold purchases (although I still don’t know if people actually buy them with gold).

With this upgrade, people will have a better and easier time finding that one or two dyes they need for a meme, a guild uniform that they wish to wear/implement or just to have fun (I personally like to dye one of my sorcerers like a cultist with the mini Malus skin and change which cultist from time to time).

Comments, suggestions and corrections appreciated, thanks for reading!


your welcome


Well, I yes, but that’s not a feature in the danger itself, but I think more importantly, one of the larger points is having access to it all in the first place, without the contestant cycling and waiting around for your preferred cloth/dye, also being in the correct size.

For now, that wonderful program suffices, though.


GOD THANK YOU NOW I CAN BUY MY HEART CLOTH AND CLOUD CLOTH :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Lol I didn’t mean it

I agree it works for now, but changing back to the main server you wanna play in sucks because of the cooldown for teleports


just play trickster imagine having a 10s tp cooldown


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