BiS Paladin?


At the moment I got this, what would you add to improve this paladin even more?


Take fplate off (ew) and get mbane and bplate
Oreo and mseal ofc
Crown and omni would be cool

That’s my ideal pally set, despite me not really liking pally anyway


Looks really solid.

You could get Oreo and MSeal for some situations, or try to make a more aggressive set with new Oryx ST Armor and Bracer/Crown.


Decades and FPlate are pretty good for general survival, but you could definitely swap them out for something else. I’ll try to keep the list as short as possible while covering most bases.

Acrop/Domo: Both are solid options for defensive purposes, but lacks any other bonuses besides defense. I’d argue that FPlate’s 40 HP bonus would help you survive more though.
Breastplate: Looking to get this on my own Paladin, but Breastplate can be a pretty good option with it granting a pretty substantial amount of health. You do lose some defense, but with an MSeal or any defense boosting ring, you can somewhat patch that up.
Kamishimo: I have this on my Paladin currently. A somewhat lesser version of the Breastplate, Kamishimo provides less HP for a little extra defense and a small boost to dexterity. I would say that it’s worse than either FPlate for Breastplate though.
Mercy’s Bane: Solid choice for an offensive boost at the cost of defense. Like the Breastplate, you do lose a pretty substantial amount of defense, but you can somewhat patch that up with an MSeal or defense boosting ring. Or you could go MBane Crown and annihilate anything you so choose.
Candy-Coated: Give the highest defense bonus in exchange for much lowered DPS. I would general advise against this as the T13 and T14 are generally good enough that you won’t need to use this.
Zaarvox’s Heart: Has a speed boost, but not much else. I’d advise against this as it does not provide offensive stats like Mercy’s Bane, or defensive stats like Kamishimo or Breastplate. Speed is useful for rushing and dodging, but HP or offensive bonuses will generally be better.

Bracer: Is a good general use ring, giving a very balanced pool of stats and bonuses. Not a bad choice, especially with the lower defense armies out there.
Pyramid: Again, a good general use ring. It has a higher HP bonus than Bracer, but also lacks the MP and has a lower attack and defense boost than Bracer.
Crown: Great offense boosting ring. A solid 110 HP and 6 attack and dexterity, although it doesn’t do too much in defense area. Use with Mercy’s Bane for maximum effectiveness.
Bloodshed: A Pyramid that swaps attack for wisdom. Not bad with Paladin’s wismod, but not the best either.
Lodestone: A Crown but provides speed and defense instead of HP. An extremely nice combo with Breastplate, but in any other scenario I’d pick Crown.
Sourcestone: Probably better on a Knight or Assassin. The HP and MP bonus is pretty good, and the speed is a nice touch, but there are simply just better rings out there for Paladin.
Omni: My ring of choice. Gives a passable amount of HP and MP, and also provides a pretty substantial amount to every other stat. Very nice, but somewhat hard to get.

Besides armors and rings, I’d recommend getting a Cutlass/Splendor/Greatsword. All of them are pretty good close-range swords that do a lot of damage, as sometimes you can’t always get the 4 shots of Pixie in. You can also try to get an SSeal or MSeal too, but those are generally used for Lost Halls where group buffs are extremely useful. I’d say that they don’t provide enough for general use. I sadly do not own an Oreo, but I’d imagine it would be good in certain situations.


Kill it off and make knight ppe btw lel xd


You need a sseal and never use fplate on a pally. Take of the deca and put on a crown/omni/even potato, any ring that gives balanced stats.


IMO, 40 HP>5 Def due to AP and whatnot


An oreo/mseal is the biggest thing you may need to add, just to add some versatility. Maybe also swap out the ring for a bracer/omni/sourcestone.

also turn on your hp/mp numbers wtf


I know, but hp is less valuable when you have so much of it so give some of it up for attacking stats.


Well at that point, your’re trading HP and DEF for atk arent you?


Crown Omni Potato. Whats in common? They all have attacking stats and are balanced.


Take off fplate put on mithril chainmail (super strong) :muscle:. Take off Colo sword put on golden sword (super powerful). Take off gcookie put on tome (super og pally). Take off deca leave off ring (you dont need one). Thats basically my setup


IMO omni and bracer are overrated on paladin, literally no need for extra mp if you have a decent pet that can close to perma buff seal


never said anything about bracer. omni mainly for the flex and the all white color set.


yeah I just mentioned bracer because I see a lot of people use it on paladin and its bad for the same reason omni is bad


What’s wrong with it?
The sacrificed def for HP and MP is useful imo
The HP ofc lets you tank more and the MP is good for spamming your seal


If you want HP, wear bplate. If you want MP, you *&$%. (The average realm player can perma buff with their pet on their pally)


Yes, but sometimes it’s advantageous to spam the ability and essentially use it as a tome, right?


The thing with the pally seal is that it can’t heal extra, and with the new balance changes, it won’t directly heal at all.


What does that mean?

Fairy is much easier to get though. Even if you’re seriously farming LH, you’re probably going to get enough to buy a Fairy before you get a BoNL to drop on average.