Black Friday Frenzy - Offers and Sales


Me and everyone else will still fall for buying it though, (especially me, i need chars/vaults badly)



May be interesting to people interested in buying. In short: you get a flat +20 gold per dollar you spend. The last column is slightly misleading (ex. for the $4.99 pack you get 600 gold, which is a 20% increase from 500 gold).


imagine being f2p
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100 extra gold per $5

nice “frenzy”


The amount of cash whoring Deca does will never cease to amaze me


This one doesn’t affect the game in a negative way, so who cares?


they’re running their “great deals” while also running their “you can only get these items by paying us money”



Keep in mind the ST campaign is additional stuff you get for spending gold. That means you get good deals and free STs which is a win win honestly.


“Constant shilling of “Good deals” and in game items for real money doesn’t negatively affect the game at all! It’s perfectly natural to have a new deal, box, or sale every single time you log in! Nobody gets tired of being treated like a human ATM, they all love seeing these great deals!”



Do you think the same when you see reduced prices in a real life store?


Comparing rotmg’s single currency to a store with hundreds or thousands of different wares is apples to oranges.

A better comparison would be watching an overmonitized youtube video with constant shills and ad interruptions.


How so?

You can completly ignore the store in rotmg, unlike in such a video




adding new items that are exclusively available through money is bullshit, I don’t care if it’s temporary.


“Temporary” makes a big difference; it’s not as though they are forever behind a paywall as in some games. Instead, DECA is just giving supporters a chance to experience items early in exchange for some money if they so choose. I for one am content to wait until they are released for everyone else.


it does, I’m not saying it doesn’t make any difference, locking items behind a paywall permanently would have just made me leave the game forever and give up on Deca.

but, it being temporary doesn’t make it okay in any way, it’s still really fucking shitty imo


Deca already locked ST items behind a paywall before this update (remember how the archer ST items were first released in mystery boxes before anything else?). We still have to wait and see on how the rates are for the new STs once phase 3 initiates, but there’s hope that it won’t be as rare as STs used to be, making this an improvement overall for players who don’t spend money.

I can’t say I disagree with you on locking items behind a paywall. In my ideal vision of Realm, ST items wouldn’t be sold anywhere period, and would be obtainable at reasonable rates from their corresponding in-game dungeons.
However, it seems that Deca has found that selling ST items is quite lucrative (I assume that’s their reasoning for choosing to do an in-game exclusive campaign before increasing drop rates). So, they have good reason in their eyes to continue selling ST items as it generates profit. While money does need to be put into the servers for them to stay on so we can continue playing this game, I still wish there was a better way to generate profit than basically selling UTs in nexus.
C’est la vie. Though if I could pick between tossing out one of Deca’s business choices, I’d have to pick the weekly events over the campaign, because at least I can just ignore the campaign and for me the ST items truly release after that month and a half’s time. I can’t quite ignore the dramatic effect weekly events have on the game’s livelihood, realm population, and economy. So I see the campaign as the lesser of two evils.


I think it’s worth mentioning that weekly events are only as bad as they are because of keys, if keys didn’t exist then I don’t think weekly events would be that big a deal.


If anything, they’d feel even more rewarding, since no keys = less dungeons run = droprates increased for balance.
The hidden evil of the Realm was never Oryx…it was the power of keys all along!


Yeah, I should have specified that it is the capitalizing on weekly events with keys that leads to the downfall of the game.

Weekly events but without any key purchases would be so nice. Normally-ignored dungeons in the Realm would see some excitement, players would work towards closing Realms quickly so they could run more of the mid-game dungeons (though there’s still the flaw that people will just dip after the Realm closes and not do the rest of Oryx’s Castle unless there’s an event there too), you can just play in the Realm normally and still feel like you’re making progress in the event like everyone else.
There’s the issue of Shatters and Lost Halls not being very feasible to run from the Realm, but Shatters rework is on the horizon at least. Don’t really know what to do about LH.