Bloated Realms?


i keep seeing realms that are “bloated”, where they will have a 12 person queue but then when you get into the realm it will have 8 or 9 people. why is this happening? 23 sdwad
going to get more examples soon


People are in Dungeons most likely


maybe. but would that explain realms that are fresh with “80 people” in the realm, but when you join there is 8 people who havent even made it to godlands? idc it seems weird to me.


Oh then if the realm just opened ( for example it says 00:01 ) that means they’re in the Castle and the realm just opened up, and it still counts as 80 people )


some realms i see have been opened for a minute or more but that would most likely explain this because game code bad lol


Even up to around 7 minutes or so it could very well be that they are in Oryx. Iirc, the new portal opens once they kill the stone guardians, so if it is a slower group doing O1 and O2 it can take a little while.


This happens because the realm is just new and the people in the previous realm are now in Oryx’ Castle. It takes a few minutes before this bloating disappears I believe.


^^^^^^^^ People are in Dungeons


Adding on to what everyone has said. People can be in dungeons.
Also, the realm could’ve well gone to 03 which would keep the realm appearing as full or almost full with just 10 or in it for a while.