Blue flashing for stasis?


Idk if I’m losing my mind or something but I coulda sworn there was an amazing update before I took a break where enemies would flash blue before becoming unstasised, but now that I’m playing again I don’t see it anymore. Was it disables, or is there a setting I have to turn back on, or am I just going crazy?


I remember that too. Possibly one of the graphical features of Flash that never got ported to Unity.


The karma orb makes the enemies stasis blue. I love messing with people who keep saying “WTF WHY ARE THEY FLASHING BLUE?!”


It was added to Exalt for some time, I believe. However, it didn’t always work well, since objects flashing tend to render improperly if they start flashing while they’re off-screen.
I sincerely hope it gets brought back - it’s the closest thing we’ve gotten to this


Ah gotcha. I was asking around in some discords and nobody knew what i was talking about so I thought I was losing it :joy: thats a shame, I think its such a necessary feature especially for non-mystics who dont know what orb is being ised and how long ago the enemies were stasised


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