BMJ's dagger


What happened to it? I’m an old player in realm and recently saw BMJ as the sexiest here and was instantly reminded of it xD.


Kabam took it and all other items that shouldn’t been obtainable away from the game when the lod was pushed to prod when it shouldn’t have been.

From what I’ve heard. Grain of salt

Edit: this is why you need that grain of salt.


10/10 freudian slip


@Destrotant is correct. When kabam first released the ability to buy HP/mp pots, it was possible to buy any item from the games code using a hex editor.

As part of the patch for this problem, they turned all unreleased items into art blocks by changing their item IDs. Bumjas dagger was a casualty, and they declined to give him a new one.

Backing up further for those who may not know, bmj was given a t14 dagger by one of the wild shadow devs. There was an issue they were trying to address in game so the dev posted a request on the forum and said the person who have the information that helped most would be given an item of their choice. Bmj posted a video which was identified as best, and asked for a dagger of dire hatred as reward. No one knows if the dev intended to give him an unreleased item or if he simply didn’t notice, but thus the legend of the sex god’s dagger was born.

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And if I recall correctly, that particular issue had something to do with rushing Oryx’s Castle?


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