Boid Core


Just a silly item idea I was thinking about for a while.

Boid Core


A malignant relic from a bygone era, the core is not of the void entity itself, but from something else. It grants immense power to all who wield it at the cost of their SOUL, Only as long as you wear it however.


  • Tier: UT
  • Stat Bonus: -900 MP, +20 ATT, +20 DEX, +10 VIT, +500 HP,
  • Special Effect: disables pet
  • Fame Bonus: 6
  • Feed Power: 1250

Drops From:

More info

A cancerous ring that forces you to rely on your main weapon for DPS and VIT stat for HP regen, in exchange for tons of HP and ATT/DEX. (also “encourages” cooperative play)

Edit 3/15/19: Removed SPD

Eye Warrior Blade Staff

Can’t see sprite :frowning:

very cool!


Do you mean because its too light?





oh, I’ve never seen that happen before, I’ll try to reupload the image.
Should be good now


That would be the go to ring for mundane fame farmers


Yuppers, shame it would be more rare than omni tho


Overall incredibly powerful ring. I would personally say that the atk,dex, and hp are enough of a benefit


some people don’t even use the abilities, I think it is sooo op


It does disable your pet so there’s that


Perfect for NPE mundane fame farmers?


holy shat i would use para hp over this.


sure, if you want to be specific


so basically a mystic ring?? :wink:


Basically :smirk:

@GammaGamer is that a good or bad thing


I’m just speechless at this point.


Being a mystic ring? No MP for stasis, so fine by me.


imagine lvl 1 with this and a cheater armor


Greatest combo ever