Bookwyrm’s NPE thread (Summoner to 15k BF goal now!)


I overlook the vast expanse below. “Soon.”
“The journey will be long and lonely one… one that ends in death, and with that, metamorphosis into a new plane of existence if worthy, or a new state of being if proven frail.”

((?)PE titles always sound so generic)

Greetings, fellow denizens of the Nexus and masters of the wild realms! I have decided to throw in the towel.

A while ago, I never wanted to make a (?)PE thread for the corniness of the associated practice(s). I think that the stigma has become less severe, but more to influencing my decision, I have found myself inadvertently creating PPE characters from a lack of trading, encouraged from the crashing of the market years ago, and that I’m too lazy to merch when I can hunt instead, gaining fame all the while!

Ah, but I digress. To the heart of the matter! As the title implies, this will be the journey for the reclamation of my white star. However, straight PPEs are quite dull in my book (for myself to do! Shoutout to all of you maintaining your own threads. I’m watching you! :smile:), and UPEs and all of those crazy ordered gear restrictions are a bit much for my liking. With that, NPE seems to be the way to go, with homage payed to our past in this post-pet universe. It’ll force me to play better on this seemingly overpowered class!

And now for the formalities. Here’s the last few items of business, being the hard and fast rules:

• I will head this off when the Character Slot Unlocker is obtained from the calendar, both giving me time to prepare a couple of things (including this thread and give you all time to vote on some rules for me!).

• I will not be using Discords for any of my running. I don’t use them anyway, but this is to clarify it off the bat.

• No pet will be equipped. (Sorry, Sirius!)

• Forewarning, I’m a bit of a sucker for completing fame bonuses. You will forgive me if I’m a little slow and scattered.

• With inspiration from @Poloprock, I would like to keep this thread tidy, organizing anything significant into a collapsed format.

• I have some other preferences, but I’ll set up some polls in the content section below! I want to offer some degree of interaction for you all!


“For now, I sleep!” ^-,-^<(zzz)

And, here are the options:

  • Yes, forged items are allowable!
  • Forged items are alright, but only under the terms that I (the voter) wish to suggest below.
  • No, forged items aren’t ok.

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  • Keep to myself as much as possible.
  • Free form my running!
  • Keep things clipping along in large public groups!
  • I don’t particularly care what you do, Book… just do the thread.

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  • Use event maces to hurry things along!
  • Start from scratch, like a proper NPE.

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  • Backpacks are within the NPE code.
  • Backpacks violate the NPE code. Go traditional!

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forging is a bit to easy for ppes imo, if you do use it you have to get the bp and the items and reach a milestone in the dungeon, eg max dex, you can forge sprite mace, stuff like that


I second this notion.


Fortunately, I actually have a lot of the existing blueprints, only missing a few here and there. Regardless, I agree. I’ve seldom used the forge anyway, and I’m inclined to agree with both of you. I have predetermined opinions on all options presented, but I just wish for the people to vote their presence, and I’ll follow suit!


I have not gotten around to playing summoner, I really out to


It’s really fun!


I knew I recognized that art in the beginning post somewhere!
Also welcome to the ppe (and variants) thread group. We only require weekly sacrifices of your sanity.


Glad someone recognizes it! I used to play that game. I’m unashamed to admit that I’m snatching dragons from various media to decorate the thread, so it isn’t a bunch of text and Rotmg, for my own sanity. >v<


losses like some of the best ppe’s you’ve ever made (rip knight npe, rip paladin ppe) :frowning:


ALso, have a question? Why did you put a poll about event maces when the campaign has alr ended?


Because the maces are still sitting in my gift chests! I haven’t played as a Summoner yet. (Also, technically, the campaign has a few hours left)


SO I GRINDED THE CAMPAIGN FOR NOTHING SINCE I HAD TIME TODAY! Bruh. Also, if you alr had those maces, then I would agree to removing those from the NPE



Well, mixed news. The good news is that I am officially starting this character off! The bad news… well, my family’s internet router is back to being bonkers. This may complicate my survivability odds. Ah well! Here’s the first images:

This never happened.

Well, I was off to a good ~15 minute start. I had a snap rubberbanding in O2 in the hallway from an internet hiccup, which popped me pretty quickly. I’ll just pretend I never got that white, aye? :wink:

Let’s proceed with THIS one, shall we? Short term lesson learned.

L20 gear. Internet has completely died, so I’ll edit in the roll tomorrow! :c


Mine’s even worse, my laptop decided to make my WiFi acting up on random time.


Idk if it is worse, kinda seems like his is doing that but more extreme


It’s just my laptop having the issue.


Aha! Now that I’m having some temporary good internet, I can officially declare that the Summoner itself is what is causing the frequent DC problems. No more rubberbanding for now, and my other characters are all running perfectly. This begs the sorrowful inquiry now:

  • Push through it to 2k, but don’t bother with anything grand, then try a different character NPE
  • Wait until DECA attempts to fix the disconnections

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Right then. Based on the current votes, I’ll blitz through this as fast as possible, then! Monday and possibly Tuesday are going to be incredibly busy, so I’ll a have a small delay before I make incredible headway, but I’ll at least try to post a couple of updates!


”And out of my slumber, I awoke to find an ally beaming over me. His gifts are gracious, but the final stretch to the first mark of my journey looms…”

Well! Today was a turn of events! Only 2 DCs, and some of the best luck I’ve had on a single character in a while.

Just normal, boring NPE stuff.


First time trying this out! Loving it, thus far

It completes my stored set finally, though! D:

Funny enough, another guy got the wand as well, this being after he got a tome in a Troom.

I can scarcely believe my eyes.

I already have the blue one! You can see it on my archer my sister’s archer on my Realmeye profile. Perhaps I should wait on the Red one, aye? :wink:

These never hurt!

Current pot statistics

My current goal is to get the Summoner Skin for this event. It might be a stretch with my irl availability, but I’ll try!

Quick author’s note: My Sphinx ring image didn’t load, so I’ll have retrieve it tomorrow, since I was having troubles with that and my Nest/Tomb photos. I acquired it from a daily quest chests using 4 geb marks I had acquired on that character running through tombs in realms.