Bookwyrm’s NPE thread (Summoner to 15k BF goal now!)


imo if you get the blueprint and material on the npe its ok to forge
And for maces the incubation mace specifically is unobtainable otherwise


Fair enough. I’ve obtained 1 blueprint on this Summoner (being 43), but I do believe that I’ve discovered all of the current droppable blueprints beneath the S-Tiered ones (including buying the “shop only” ones for connection purposes)! Therefore, I wasn’t initially going to show pictures of them so I didn’t have to slap them with a “duplicate” label each time, but I’ll see what the masses think:

  • Forge items that this character has obtained personally through blueprints!
  • Stick with the current plan!

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(By the way, to more general audiences: if this ends up becoming a thing, I’ve already obtained the ring via others means, so I don’t even have to validate the BP I obtained, being useless!)

Also, hi CandiShi! I didn’t know you were paying attention c:


the t4 mace plus the sprite wand are two thing I seemingly can never get on my summoner npe -_-


I feel like you should be able to forge shit as lng as youre only using UT sacs you earned in the playthru


Not to rub salt in the wound, but I was running random dungeons, and decided that I’d do, I don’t know… 5 sprites or something, and that was number 2! Needless to say, I was surprised.

The other funny thing was the Phylactery. That was my first ever Lich on that character, and I told my sister (who was watching me at the time) if I got that particular st today, I was going to lose it. And, she was laughing at me. A lot. It could’ve even been the orb! But noooooooo


(How rude of me to forget posting a notice here.)

I’m getting back to updates as soon as I obtain the Summoner skin from the event, and I’ve been using characters that are better at harvesting event tokens than this one. Sorry about that! :sweat_smile:


As I touched my newly acquired artifacts, I felt my scales turn to Crystal. My hues now change under the influence of the crystalline trees native to the Sprite creatures that grow from the earth at my passing. I, too, periodically release a freezing mist to stall those my enemies, that I might slay them. The final gifts are the treasures obtained from ancient jewels. The power of the Ancients, the endowment of Life, and the remains of our ancient brethren, and the sworn enemy race of Snakes, that dare claim their rights as being of our own kind. Fie, the sheer audacity! Darest they assume such privileges while being inferior even to the lowly Drakes? I revel in their suffering. The sheer glance at my token of their Queen’s death grants me haste.

Beware, O’ denizens of the Realms. I go forth without the divine nourishing guidance of the immortal beings we dub “pets,” but the Elder Gods are smiling upon me.

Sweet! I finally got that campaign skin. And not a moment too soon, with less than a day left. Being completely honest, I hate grinding like that… :hot_face:

Its only a small update today. I only played for 15 minutes on this character before a guildie and I found a struggling single star Wizard vigilantly throwing themself into the Lowlands repeatedly in an abandoned realm and server and perishing. I got distracted from doing much productive from then on, though I suppose I obtained a vit and dex through that.

Skin change!

I’m admittedly not the largest fan of the cloth scheme on this skin, but I received a couple of random compliments from strangers, so I guess I’ll keep it. (:

I grow yet stronger.

You know, I had to quell the teeniest part of me from wishing that CSword was a Mace, because I should be completely 100% grateful for a CWand + a bonus CSword that didn’t have to exist if the game didn’t want me to have it, right? :smile:
Honorary mention to the Snake Eye ring that I forgot to snapshot from the singular snake I ran

@Joshuachen I was about to say something snarky like “fight me” (or something far more equivocal), but then I checked your thread and saw that your character had perished. ;.;




Quick poll.

  • Create a post every time I play my npe, regardless of quality. Just mention meager progress
  • Create a post any time you feel that you have enough significant items of interest. ie., Maxing a stat, gaining a white bag or two

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The reason for this is because I have inconsistent days for playing, and though my luck has been decent, not every day will be that way. I don’t want to leave you all in radio silence if you like hearing some form of progress report!


Man great ppe thread, mostly polls(jkjk)


Heh, I know. I plan on keeping this thread around long enough to dwarf the rocky start with plenty of posts, though!


(When I realize that there’s another dragon vying for attention…)

…Hello. It’s been a while. Too long, really. That was most unkind of me. My main excuse was getting sidetracked: a few of you may have seen Furyborn’s recent death. I’m competing in that same guild PPE contest (helping to host it, actually), so my attention became somewhat divided.

Here’s the most recent image I have of said character, if interested.

The trickster is my favorite class, closely followed by ninja, but I haven’t used it in forever, so in addition to wanting to compete, I, erm, fell in love with using the class again. My other Trix hasn’t been used in at least half a year for storing 3/4 of the Golem set (I need those blasted garments!), so it was put on indefinite hiatus.

Now that our leading contestant, Furyborn, has perished (a tragedy for sure), I’m not as strained for keeping up!

_Why are you still reading this, it’s not my npe, and I’m rambling now D:

On to the main section of the post!

Yet another Crys White

I hopped on for a few minutes about a week ago and received another CSword within that minuscule span of time. Wrong white, but decent forge, right?

Simple Chest

Nothing spectacular, but I’ll group any quest chests I open in a central location like this for the sake of record. (I am keeping marks I collect with my npe separate from my everything else.)

Humble Nest drop

I was happy about this one. Some may protest, but I decided to retire my Sphinx and Exa HP rings in favor of this. I prefer offense over defense, and with only 3 summons allowed at a time, the added MP of the Sphinx doesn’t help me much.

Also, I completed this public realm Nest! An inconsequential achievement of mine to do so without a pet for the first time. I was only hit 3 times, so the lack of priests and necros was manageable. Only 6/15 of us lasted to the end, but we all hunted out the and finished that as well. Only 1 life and 3 dex out of that though, sadly.

First ever Rune! (Plus White Star)

I guess I’ve just been unlucky all this time… I’ll probably end up selling it.

I also apologize for the lack of my White Star transition! I snapped it in a LH randomly dropped on a beach shortly before this, and was even halfway through the Cultist fight, but then a rambunctious little sister and her cousin knocked out the computer’s power cord from behind the couch. I was going to save the image after I completed the dungeon, but nope! ):

Maxed Speed

Someone popped a Cem after Chaining 2 Reefs, and I maxed my spd in there. I didn’t realize I’d maxed until I returned to the nexus with the fame notification lol

Stray Stone Sword

More forge? Or perhaps FP. Haven’t decided yet.

So yeah! Not many cool drops (or even Life/Mana from their dungeons), but I’ve felt accomplished in surviving (slightly?) harsher dungeons without a pet. Rushing a tomb didn’t well was my only point of defeat for this session x)


“Great is this storm, one that has ravaged this land I tread far too long. Resources have been scarce, let alone new relics and artifacts. I have found myself pondering how much longer I have to venture onwards. I feel constrained to a humanoid form for most of my journeyings, and it grows more compelling, horrifyingly enough. I must prove my worthiness before I shed this husk. Meanwhile, my adversaries grow ever more powerful and vigilant…”

It’s that time again! My guild contest finished last week, opening some time to focus on this character more (life circumstances permitting). I meant to have an update a little under a week ago, but I’ve had some tough luck finding anything noteworthy to share. I’ve even struggled to obtain life and mana, as I keep getting 0s in places that do them, even in small groups! I’m getting close to 8/8 now, regardless.

There’s been a couple of close calls, too. I did an 8 man guild nest, and I nearly died twice, especially in the second to last phase where I’d ran out of pots after not restocking. Furyborn and I duetted the Troom after slaying the Queen (:

I’ll put all the chest loot here.

Effigy Chest

TCave Chest

Nest Chest

Davy Chest

Maxed Dex... and co.(?)

I’m a little frustrated with this. Every other stat that was maxed, I was in danger, so I couldn’t get a screenshot in the moment, as I don’t have instantaneous “snap and save” abilities, at the moment.

The other maxed stat I have evidence of is Mana, which I obtained from the Nest Chest, seen above. I was going to get it from a Para with the guild, but I had to hop off, so I quickly popped a chest. Lo and behold.

I do apologize for my atrocious records!

Forge material


I already have 2 other Wakis, and I replaced this variant on my samurai to limit my swapouts. So… meh!


It’s been a substantial amount of time since I’ve obtained triple tops! And what do you know, one of them is useable. I’ll figure out how badly I want to keep it, since my other two wands are good extremes for different situations already. I’ll find a better robe another time, yeah?


(I’ll skip the pleasantries for this post.)
I’ll admit, I’m bad at regular uploads. However, this was not without merit. I played with my Summoner for a while, but nothing significant was happening/dropping specific to this character until 2270 fame after the last update, then finally maxing out an additional 163 fame after my tomb whites in a Shaitan. I’ve been kind of unlucky, so there’s not been much to post! Sorry to disappoint.

2 White run

While running tombs in search of life, I picked up these from the remains of the Ancients! Not a true double white, but just as good. It sort of made up for the lack of loot, but not quite.
(P.S. The bulging bag was a tier boost potion found during the last chest event, so my luck wasn’t affected for these drops. I consumed it in hopes of finding a Recomp from O2.)


I mean, I’m glad to reach this second major benchmark and all, but the next goals are a tad more intimidating. I’m going to have to start shooting for dungeon completes (and a better robe : P), which will be interesting. I sense death’s presence looming overhead… this is where the fun begins.


Well, with this new “15k for 5 stars” coming up, I have a new goal in mind! At first, I was hesitant to delve into this character too much farther ahead than my others (sort of like I was doing with my Trix, which is now around 9k BF, but I blame the recent event).

I will promise to start running on my Summoner nearly non-stop until I either perish to some misfortune, or hit that 15k BF! I was last closing in on 5k BF, so I’m already a third of the way done. Be prepared for some more consistent updates, finally. :slight_smile:


I found an O3 cloth! I was cruising along with @Joshuachen, but I may or may not have messed up at Dammah’s rage phase, so I nexused.

Anyway, he voted for me to keep my current cloth, but should I do that, or wear the new one?

  • Keep current
  • O3 Steel cloth

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They are changing star reqs?


Yep, as seen in the most recent Dev update. Even if it’s only a fame adjustment, it’s an overdue change!


“I begin anew, riveted and ready to go! Perhaps I will find a new set of scales to better weather the storms ahead of me. Mayhaps some additional allies to summon into battle!”

I have results this time! Might my curse be broken? (Btw, still have that tier+ “bonus” from last time. No additional drop luck; I haven’t been doing much with this pirate event, since I don’t need any of the target drops, save the really rare ones.)

I didn’t obtain too many drops; probably the most exciting thing I did today was the aforementioned Dammah attempt, which didn’t quite prove sucessful. One of these times I’ll beat an O3 mini-boss! I was close.

I’ll keep these updated near daily, at least every other day, even if there’s little to report.


Nothing much to be said here, but 1k fp, right? I fiddled around with them when I was a newer player, and hated the negative dex bonus. An early example of my offense > defense preferences.


This is literally my first Puri ever dropped, by any means! It’s been 7 years… I’ll never know this relic from its glory days, but that’s ok. I’ll figure out if I want to replace my T6 with this, since I already have a Tome of the Juggernaught of Holy Protection equipped, and I don’t like having more than 2 of the same kind of gear, if I can help it. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up keeping 3 tomes. x(


Gutteral, reptilian growling…

Another change of ring

Just a pub Shatts. I swear that this hallway is the only place I obtain this ring, and I get it a lot. After some consideration (and the opinion of those running with me), I settled on wearing it over my Honey Circlet. It looks better with my set color size anyway, right? ^^

Is it finally a new mace!?

Nope, just another CSword. Maybe I should run more CDepths and Nests while I’m at it, huh?

Better than Oryx

I run these whenever I see them, with little exception. This was the second of two today that I ran, this one solo, and yes, I made the Oryx anyway. Nothing to show for it, sadly, though a dude from the last Machine got the mace for me. (:

Chest time!

The key was a WL, for those curious. I mostly opened this chest for the fame, really.

To ashes…

The soligenous rays of the cosmos dared not penetrate the depths of the death-ridden channels of the catacombs, most of all the now-relinquished halls of the stowaways, slaves to their sebastomaniacal misdeeds.

“O’ forlorn sacricolists! Know ye not that your utterances are for but naught? No mere defiled deity of yours can oppose my valor - but lo, what knavery is this!? No, it cannot be… has the great Void Entity been summoned to being at this moment? The aura is all wrong…”

A last ditched scheme is concocted by the devilish Cultists, and suddenly, there is nothing but a complete inky dark, a blackness so complete and palpable, it would make even the Lucky Beholder envious. I lose my nerve, and fling myself towards cover instead of inciting the saving magic memorized by all Realmers, but am promptly dashed to pieces. My soul is strong, though my body was frail, and I will return, though the ancient techniques of metensomatosis. I will live to fight again!

Ah, a misfortune indeed. It was 100% my fault, though. I was soloing a Cult, because why the heck not, right? Now, my family’s TV is directly attached to the PC monitor (for reasons), but whenever the TV is turned on or off, the PC will shut off its visuals seconds later for roughly 3 seconds, so it’s immensely distracting, moreso when I’m not expecting it. I was on the 5-shot Cultist phase when this happened, but for whatever reason, instead of panic nexusing like I normally do, I threw myself towards the corner post, and, well, I didn’t see what happened, really. I must’ve eaten a blast, or two, or three… who knows.

I had a good run, right? Let this not be used as a deterrent. I still vow to hit that 15k mark, and to boot, I refuse to let a death slow my uploads right after I promised to pick it up! Beginning tomorrow.
I’ll miss that Cwand, but maybe I’ll find a better robe than that slovenly T12.

Here’s a fun aside. I had to go afk for family related manners, long enough that the realm closed… twice? I wasn’t aware that non-key dungeons reconnected to the new realm!