Bookwyrm’s NPE thread (Summoner to 15k BF goal now!)


Ping!…Tsszzz…Whrm. Our heroine hums alive again - sort of. The fellow researchers of the “Scientific Corporate Inventors Empowering Nexus-Centric Emissaries” (or S.C.I.E.N.C.E.) were ambitious enough to aid our fallen warrior by reviving her faster than natural means, though this came at a unique price: she is no longer of flesh and blood. They tampered with Dr. Terrible’s technology, then fused them with the dark magiks to recover her ashen soul from the depths of those depraved chambers where she lay, victim to forces not dissimilar to what makes the Inner Workings and the so called “Oryx Lag” that the Mad God falsely claims as his own powers.

Our heroine is no friend to S.C.I.E.N.C.E., despite their efforts. It is a well known fact that they help to perpetuate the endless cycle of slaughter on both ends of the conduct, treating everything as their test subjects, despite the claim of “alliance to the Nexus.” It is selfishly rendered. Dr. Terrible was once one of their lead officiators before going rogue, his lust for knowledge consuming any impaired morals he had left.

The only significant memory our heroine recalls after breaking out of the L.A.B.S. via summoning some of the plentiful lab rats to assail her “caretakers” (who were, fortunately, only Initiates to S.C.I.E.N.C.E., and thus generally inexperienced) was them programming her a name: Xion. It was hard-coded into her (non)fiber of being, so Xion it would have to be. And now, into the wilds! Perhaps some reflection in battle will jog the memory. Reincarnation can be such a pain…

I don’t know guys. I had way too much time on my hands at the time of writing this, and only half a brain available. I seldom name my characters, and usually they’ve been more along the lines of “nicknames” than actual names. Why not try now when writing on a thread anyway?

Anyway, most of you are probably just looking for the gear portion of updates. Let’s get to the meat of things, shall we?


Xion strode across the beaches and mushroom infested lowlands. She briefly pondered on the reason for there being so many of them. Was it the natural remains of those millions of fallen pre-Level 20 adventurers? We may never know.

Xion also harassed Dreadstump for kicks and giggles, then Mama Megamoth both for the inspiration to summon cute squirrels rather that rats from L.A.B.S. and… an Eldritch wand? “Is- is that where her children suddenly spawn from? These wands are well known for summoning demons when used en mass, so, one wand = demon baby moths. Got it.” Xion then proceeded to embarrass Mixcoatl in front of his aspiring tribes again, this time in the form of pillaging him of his garb. “Who needs defensive abilities and security when you’re a robotic half-dragon with those sweet magic bonuses? I feel that I’m compromising nothing here. c;” This was enough to fully bolster Xion to full strength without the aid of potions.

Ok, I’m satisfied with this roll. The worst stats are manageable, and that att is spectacular, especially for a Summoner.

A slightly better weapon?

Xion didn’t mean to anger Craig’s mother, but the other two (PPE, hah) warriors of the entirety of the Realm, one, a fellow dragon, trampled on her children before I contour even set step foot into her domain. How rude! Out of sheer boredom, Xion snapped a twig off one of the trees steer vanishing Limon to another plane. The flora harbors immense power here, but reality wavers in the presence of mortal souls. Xion, not being fully dragon, falls under that category, and the Sprite wand retains that same instability as the plane it grew in. Oh, and Limon also dropped a robe more worth wearing. That enchanting cloth was for cosplay, but this robe is for fashion.

I’ll take it. I can aim with these, and I’ll deal with it until I find a suitable wand to take its place. Your standard Glands robe isn’t bad either.


“Yeah, never mind. Fashion is for weirdos, especially eccentric weirdos who have nothing better to do with their time.”

Another tiered upgrade

“Aha! That’s why this monster was so abominable. Dr. Terrible’s twisted genius knows no bounds. Combining one of his creatures with the skull of a minor demon and stimulating it with the arcane energies of a tree that literally grew from leeching off of magic would do that to you.”

Just my luck.

Xion trudged through more trivial overworld menaces and lowly dungeons, including a happenstance TCave. There were no rich rewards, but the former vessel of the Void Entity itself had a bounty on its head placed by the mysterious Tinkerer. The true reward lay inside the collected chest! A mace meticulously mounted with the head of a grotesque spider. Xion absorbed its magic, then promptly threw the hideous leftovers into the ocean. “Perhaps there’s fish out there that have the stomach to consume that.” Oh, and having the power of the moon at her side isn’t horrible, either. At least tiered robes are more beneficial at aiding the user in ways beyond mere defense!

Color me impressed! I even forgot to consume my loot boosters that came with the chest. So worth it! I ditched the tiered mace, solely because I’ll pick up a better one later. I need the room, and though this mace is pricey in mp, I’m pretty good about knowing when to save it and when to use it. (This is already a better mace than my last incarnation…)

Oryx isn’t worth the time yet.

Xion didn’t particularly care about the bellowings of Oryx, in contrast to the warriors around her fighting Daichi, ordering everyone around to “hurry”, that our fighting efforts had “inferior dps,” and so forth. She had wandered off with another, far more pleasant adventurer, and skipped half of the clashing with our possessed magician. Everyone but myself and this other adventurer dashed back into the Realm though the portal, leaving us with the loot. And indeed, it was worth it, in the short run.

At this point, this probably would’ve been better loot than Oryx would’ve given me. I came to find out that I’m too slow to rush to O2 still, and I’ll happily take the extra speed at this point of my rebuilding.

More rings

The newfound speed was a breath of fresh air, and so was obtaining the eye of Stheno. Some claim that it’s the pinnacle of rings, providing bursts of speed to outrun even the more devious of foes, but she’s not a believer. It’s a niche tool that can be easily replaced by other methods, not a legendary artifact from a lowly queen.

It wasn’t long thereafter before Xion found amidst the mangled remains of some horrific creation a near perfectly severed hand! The magic is potent as a result of the frequent usage of magic with science in this particular outdated L.A.B.S. facility. Everyone is so careless with their attacks, and frequently damage what could otherwise be very useful gear! Those sword wielders are especially clumsy. Xion absorbs it’s magic, and now has the ability to have the benefits of enhanced claws in battle, albeit somewhat grotesque looking.

I accidentally lost the file for the snake ring, but I trust you all believe that I obtained it legitimately. Snakes aren’t that hard! >:

It’s been a while since I’ve had this particular ring! I used to find them all the time, but after I died with the Abominable Sorcerer set, I stopped finding them. Once I find a better ring, I’ll probably save it. Sorc and pally aren’t bad in my eyes, but they aren’t as fun to play as, and that sorc set was really fun to play as, even if it isn’t “good.”

A finishing touch!

“What on earth am I going to do with these? Heh. Everyone seems to have an inc these days. Heh, I should just run a solo O2 when I’m stronger. Also, some other denizen of the Nexus less fortunate than myself can have this health ring. They seem popular with the masses.”

Neat find! I don’t know what to do with it, though.


I was able to play for a brief time today, but this week has be unnaturally busy for me. Update tomorrow guaranteed! I thank you for your enduring patience.


“Where is that fire that once lit my eyes so? Gone, reduced to ashes. I will have vengeance against those that did this to me, even within the limits of this multiverse. There will be pvp in our future.”

Just some minor things obtained here and there within the time I did have. No gear upgrades yet, though I’ve found some other tops and an Inc in my travels. Well, and now that we’ve had this much needed Fame update occur, I’ve even more incentive to fill that glaringly empty bar! I’ll do my best to avoid some freak accident, though of course nobody can truly promise that.

Unlocking the mysteries of The Machine

Xion feels an even stronger connection to this place than before, but she recognizes that that might have to do with her robotic frame tapping into the circuits of the cell. It represents the outer, residual fragments composing the fabric of the universe, but not even Dr. Terrible fully comprehended it’s significance.

Regardless, Xion faced the mechanical guardian, now feeling its emotionless obligation to protect the servers. After screwing up the servers for the umpteenth time, Xion discovered a curious katana, rumored to be one of the sole relics of the great Cat Goddess herself, who had since grown tired of this universe and moved on.

"Ya like Raz?"

Blue Raspberry flavored armor! No, this is not for personal consumption. It’s for bribing the missus into forging a gift for one of Xion’s friends instead! But what and to whom remains to be decided.

I might save it for guild runs, or I might not.

Ah, the selfless seal, for those Paladin’s that have no qualms about blending with the groups, boosting the magical prowess of others at your expense… possibly. The artisans of this seal certainly did a better job than the scientists who worked towards “infinite magical reserves,” and created that awful Seal of “Eternal life.” The fools hardly understood what they were meddling with. Can’t they understand that the only eternal things in this universe are the Elder Gods, Phoenixes, Dragons, and their own stupidity? Hmph.

Yet another TCave Chest

Xion wonders why the Tinkerer has been placing so many bounties on the Golden Effigy lately. Could it be that he was secretly smuggling some of the gold to the hapless Alchemist? For old times sake, of course.

Max Att (And back to being a cute little Orange Star!)

Xion was meditating amidst her flock of lovely pet animals, when she felt a great disturbance in the Nexus, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Indeed, even she was not immune to whatever had just occurred. Most of souls of the nexus had been compromised in a strange way… and the integrity of their wills compromised. It would be some time before she’d regain that strength again.

Xion soon recovered her full attacking strength once more after engaging in a scuffle with the lowly Gods of the Mountains.

Underrated swap-out reobtained

Xion successfully plucked the poison sack out of the undead monstrosity, but much to her dismay, this was highly corrosive, even to her metal frame. She had never liked the idea of wielding poisonous breath before, herself, but now that it sounded appealing for once in the blue moons, it was no longer feasible… she couldn’t wait for the sweet release of death to transform her back to flesh and blood, but her purpose was not yet complete.


Did you draw that dragon?


Unfortunately not. My sisters are more the ones for drawing characters; I, on the other hand draw more scenery/infrastructure type of artwork. I suppose one of these times I’ll attempt drawing a dragon, probably not far deviant from the theme of my current pfp!

Oh, and thread-wise, I’ve had bad internet for the past three days. I’ve had a frustrating time trying to get work done, let alone play Realm. It should be working by tomorrow, so update then!


I always enjoy reading your NPE thread. It adds a unique twist to the realmeye forum. Great work!


I’m still very bad about updating, but thank you :sweat_smile:

My family is planning on replacing our PC rather rebuild it again, because the router is only acting a tiny bit spotty. The computer itself is the one causing the main issues, and I’m having difficulties playing any character right now. I was overly optimistic with obtaining photos this time around, but I have enough to post now.


“The universe is structured around perpetual change. There is order, there is absolute harmony and balance, but we have yet to unlock how it achieves this. Every unnatural disturbance that creates a void, the universe steps in to balance the deficit.”

“So too, with the complicated nature of life itself. The wisest mages of the Seven Ages could scarcely comprehend what lies at the end. There’s something precious about the intricate patterns that can cause even the tiniest of beings ticking, and how soon those structures dissolve back to chaos! Even the most elect aren’t impermeable.”

[color=blue]“But… there are some that are learning how to perpetuate the cycle ‘infinitely.’ We shall see what devilish consequences await. Aye, we shall see.”

Well, I may have had time, but the computer broke. I probably could’ve typed this all out on my phone, but to be frank, I’ve had little motivation every time I get home after a long day. I’ve been in some pain, so entertainment was lower on my list of priorities. Book bad, etc… sorry for the wait.

Maxed Vit

After running numerous Abby’s for obtaining that ever elusive Magmatic Robe, Xion halted the searching after unceremoniously maximizing her regenerative properties when klling a god. Somehow, the potions managed to improve her capabilities coursing as an Aether type substance, rather than a fluid running through the veins of mortals. This would qualify as “Magitech,” but she daren’t stoop to calling herself by that title. That’s for lowly creatures, like mechanical golems!


Oryx never seems to have the right gear in stock, unlike the black market dealers beyond the nexus gates. Who controls them is shrouded in mystery to call but a precious few, as they frequently hide behind the possessed bodies of hapless wizards, undeterred by banishment attempts. They always find a way.

Max Def

(Original photo corrupted; lack the stat in SS lol)

Xion was rudely interrupted by a relatively weak fighter who had narrowly avoided the maws of Arachna’s son just moments ago. She had scarcely peaked her defensive prowess with absorbing a portion the unusually toughened spider’s chiton, when they groveled upon the dearth, begging to purchase a mana. Xion hadn’t even had a chance to absorb the greater wisdom and mana, but felt some remorseless pity for the hapless soul. She accepted the 3 vit, reasoning that the Tinkerer would have better use for them, since nothing she took from others was usable, being tainted.

Were these worth it, again?

Xion rediscovered the means of summoning vertebrates once more. Some lesser species could make for fine companions, and the wolves far exceeded the spiders in maneuverability, but lacked the raw might and inhibitive toxins she was accustomed to by now, despite the relative ease of summoning. She opted to keep them for a season, despite that.

Better than nothing.

“Back to where I was before, hmm?”

Max Spd

Another common god slain with obtainable essence. Enough to push Xion to fastest!

Unexpected Inc

Xion blinked. How on earth did something like the Queen Bee of all creatures get their hands on a relic like that?

Maxed Dex

It’s a shame, really how pitiful some of the denizens of the Realms are. They are inter-dimensional clones, not realizing that their attempts at deceit and surprise tactics don’t as easily fool us as they might be led to initially believe. The Crystal Prisoner takes this especially hard, not realizing that all of us gathered around the Crystal are awaiting its shattering to demolish the depraved souls inside. Xion collected the last bit of dexterous essence at the end of the brief skirmish.

Maxed Wis

Every meager scrap of wisdom Septevious has to offer is welcome. You can only glean so much from the chambers of the dead. They may have been wise when yet alive, providing valuable insights from the past, but the future holds more relevant information.

Megamoth Chest

Xion scarcely offers the Exa HP ring a second glance. Surely, someone else would have far better use for it. Xion did, however, give the prized pearl of the sea-dwellers some thought, but ultimately passed it up in favor of clinging to the Snake Eye ring. The satisfaction of staring into the remains of a bitter enemy of dragons provided all the inspiration for rushing into battle that she needed, proving far more effective than the magic of the sea.

Machines never last forever.

Xion had forgotten something very crucial before breaking out of the S.C.I.E.N.C.E. laboratory. Even (if not especially) the initiates will typically put safeguards around their experiments to ensure cooperation. This metal body, by very nature was special, as it was forged from samples of metals from Oryx’s Sanctuary itself, and fragments of the Machine. This would, of course, incite the so called “Oryx Lag” by very nature of its unstable origins, and by Xion stripping herself of measures to keep this demonic power under rein (to prevent breaking out of the prison? How quaint.), it cost her dearly. In a slip of space and time, Xion’s robotic shell was quickly laid to ruin through a combination of the acidic waters of the DDocks, along with the unrelenting cannons of the pirate penguins and water based spells of the scurvy slurps. Her spirit is freed, but at what cost…

sigh Unlike me having a poor response like last death, this was my internet quickly hiccuping. Kind of an embarrassing death too, since one of my guildies saw that happen. I had apparently just wandered off into the water and tanked a ton of shots from minor enemies. They got my back with their own SS:

So, yeah. As my sister pointed out afterwards, I may want to get my bard up while I have an available character slot, because not only am I drowning in equips for it, it is also my only character that was under 3 stars after the update. Time to change that!

I vow to return to this thread again, eventually. This was even sloppier than my last Summoner. I don’t give up so easily, though. I only wish that I had a more climatic death than that… it may be some time before I reboot the thread again, but it will happen.